#weekendcoffeeshare: Social Media Pandemonium

Remember last month I stated how the #weekendcoffeeshare at Part-Time Monster wasn’t active anymore? I found where it is active, The Daily Post. If this is something you’d like to do, whether it be weekly like it’s supposed to be or the way I do it once a month, you can get the lowdown about it at the link above. From what I read, I do mine a little differently but no one seems to mind enough to approach me about it.

Additionally, the hashtag of #weekendcoffeeshare is used lavishly on Twitter and Facebook. This might get more readers to your blog. 😉

#weekendcoffeeshare: Social Media Pandemonia
Image provided by Dave White

If we were to have coffee…

I’ve requested to have our coffee-share at McDonald’s just north of the interstate. Since they got rid of the playground area and have revamped the play for actual adults, it’s become a favorite of mine. We drape our jackets over that backs of the chairs that are with a clean table along the front window. No one is waiting in line so getting our large flavored coffees is a snap today.

[Your dialogue is in purple. My dialogue is in teal.]

“Several of the writing blogs I follow are telling me I need to have an online platform, a brand, a presence, whatever they’re calling it this week. I know they’re probably right but this is the one thing I’m not fond of in the twenty-first century of writing.” I carefully take the lid off my container so the coffee will cool down a smidgen.

“It’s the price we pay for the freedoms we have now. I wonder how authors did it before the internet.” You sip your coffee cautiously.

“Maybe they hired publicists. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford one of those. Besides, I can’t see myself attending many book signings at bookstores. Most of the sales are at online outlets these days.”

I give out a yip. I’ve burned my tongue.

“Are you okay?” I nod and lean against the back of the plastic chair. “Have you joined and participated in any of the social media sites?”

“Oh yes, I’ve been on Twitter for a few years now. I also have an account at Google+ and belong to three groups there. I even went back to Facebook, as much as I hate it, and made myself a page.”  Delicately, I take a sip of the caramel coffee blend.

“Why don’t you like Facebook?”

“Things are written there that probably shouldn’t be written anywhere. It often gets rude and cruel.”

We sit in silence for a few moments watching the cars on the road.

You turn to me and say, “Do you know that Facebook has filters now so you can target your crowd a little?”

I smile at your attempt to sway me. “Yeah, I saw that just the other day. I need to investigate that more. Part of my problem is when I read what people write on my timelines and my one page, I’m wondering what they’re really after. So much of it looks like boring dribble to me. Is it a case of me not knowing how to be sociable on the internet?”

You let out a guffaw. “Haven’t you ever been to a cocktail party?” I shake my head. “Not ever?”

“Nope. I have been to some bars, though.”

“I didn’t realize you were the type.” You give me a sideways stare.

“Neighborhood bars with friends. No, I’ve never been a ‘pick-up’ at a bar.” I briefly give you a look of reprimand.

“Okay, think of social media sites as bars of different types. You’re still going to get a lot of the dribble you were talking about but if you scout around, you’ll find some interesting conversations.”

I raise my eyebrows and give a sigh. “So I have to spend more time with it, right?”

You take a swig of coffee before answering. “Yes, but you can do other things while you waiting for intelligence to arrive. Work on your WiP. Visit some blogs. Just peek in on the social media site every so often.” I peer at you with concern. “You’re an introvert so this takes a little more practice is all.”

People are starting to breeze in for lunch. We watch some of the characters who waltz in, making funny comments about them. Soon our coffee is gone and we leave to continue on with our day.


What’s your take on social media sites?

Our conscience is not the vessel of eternal verities. It grows with our social life, and a new social condition means a radical change in conscience. ~Walter Lippma


18 thoughts on “#weekendcoffeeshare: Social Media Pandemonium

  1. Glynis, I’ve been having the same conversation with a number of friends, only I’d have to be the teal talker since I have so little knowledge about how to do all this online conversation. I enjoy blogging but it takes a ton of time that I’d like to devote to my writing. I understand that Twitter and Facebook generate more readership for published books. And most likely by the time I figure out the social media suggested here, there will be more new options to include. Even trying to buy a book is proving useless as the newest books are already outdated practices by the time you’ve finished reading them. What’s a techie dummy to do?

    But I had a great time at this coffee share with you – I was actually the speaker in pink – I sat and listened, having little to contribute and much to learn.

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    1. Pink? Are you a pink fan? I never would have guessed.

      I have yet to really use the Facebook page the way I’ve been told to do it but then, I don’t have anything published either. Yes, social media sites are time-consuming. I give them what I feel comfortable with, which isn’t much.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Because of the Sioux in me, my skin looks awful in pink. Maybe it would anyway. I can’t wear orange well either. Red I can look decent in as long as it’s dark enough. But my love is sea colors.

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  2. As you touched upon, branding can make or break one as an artist. With branding, that sets out a persona for the world, and if it’s relatable then there’s every chance you can accomplish much more with what you do. Then again, social media is time consuming. Like you, I am not a huge fan of Facebook and there is so much negativity on there. True that there are filters – but if you use it, then it sort of means that you are choosing selectively what you want to hear and see, and perhaps not take criticism. As much as the filters do offer me a chance to filter out what I don’t want to read, it still is quite a time waster to be on social media a lot. Being popular doesn’t necessarily make you a better artist or writer.

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    1. I still consider Facebook a big problem. During the weekend I’ll pop over there and scout out all the filters I can use. True, popular doesn’t make you better than others but for selling something, it helps. :/

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  3. I have been on Twitter for a long time. I like it a lot. I use lists, so I can filter whom I follow on a daily basis and follow other groups during events or when I’m interested in a particular topic. I try to limit Facebook connections to people I actually know or people I’ve gotten to “know well” through conversations on our blogs. I still find it hard to think that I can feel like I know someone from comments, blog posts and twitter exchanges.

    McDonald’s coffee is always too hot. I don’t know how they do it.

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    1. I don’t know how McDonald’s does it either. I walk by the soft drink machine and put a little ice in my coffee on the way to a table.

      I know it feels weird to think you know someone when you haven’t been face to face with the person. Yet, you’re one of those people I believe I truly know despite not even knowing your voice. You’re the guy who lives in the northeast who helps people out often on a whim. 😀

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    1. I prefer blogs too. The social media sites are full of riff raff that often doesn’t make any sense or is worth the time to figure out. Still, if I ever get done with the revisions, beta readers, and professional edit of this book, I know I’ll need to promote it myself, which means social media sites.

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  4. Twitter has proven most useful to me as a freelancers, and I used my Word Bank FB page to mostly post curated content or updated blog posts. I also post one thing a day to G+ and LinkedIn, but don’t put much effort into them. It’s hard to be effective when there are so many things to focus on. I focus the most on Twitter. And my blog as always is a labor of love, but I am planning a very gradual shift to once per month. When it comes to an eventual author blog, I know they will have to be quick posts since I tend to put way too much time into writing blog posts. Maybe I will do a poetry and photo blog. Even then, I will probably only post once a month. I plan to put more effort into growing a mailing list for a author newsletter. Blogging is great, but it’s also frustrating because it takes a lot of time.

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    1. Twitter is my favorite, that is if I have a favorite social media site. I still like blogging so I’ll keep it up until I feel I’m burning out at it.

      That last post you wrote about filters in narrative was so helpful for me. I’ll be using that list of filter words often to check my work.


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