Maintenance of My Writing Tool

This month, March has five Thursdays in it so I had to come up with another post. Because my blog is more or less centered around writing, I wanted this one to keep in sync with the motif but not require a follow-up.

Maintenance of My Writing Tool

Several years ago I did a post about free software programs that would help keep a PC running smooth. I decided I would do one again to help out my fellow writers and bloggers.

I am, pretty much, paperless in my writing endeavor these days. Even when reading what I have written, I transfer my work over to Kindle. Most of this is due to the fact my printer is on the fritz and I cannot afford a new one or have my current one repaired. So, I make do.

Being paperless means regular maintenance of the devices I use for my projects. Kindle requires little, just remembering to plug it in for recharging. My laptop and PC depend on regular updates of software and security and performance checks.

Jacqui Murray has discussed this subject on her blog as well, including software programs for this support that do have a price tag on them. My budget is way too tight for me to even consider most of those that have a cost attached to them. Would I spend the money on maintenance software if I was published? Probably not. There are programs that are free. More often than not, the only stipulation is they must be run manually–not scheduling. It is a small inconvenience to stay within my budget.

Advanced System Care

IObit offers this software free as well as being able to buy it with bells and whistles.

The free version will speed up, optimize, protect, and clean your machine. However, all but the defragmenter have to be started manually. It has what they call a Toolbox, which lists other software you can get either at a price or for free. Additionally, it has an Action Center that will tell you what programs in your system need to be updated in some way.


[You can view a larger photo by clicking on the images individually.]


This program has been around since 2004. If I remember correctly, I came across it in 2007 and have used it ever since then. Because I use the free version, I have to remember to bring it up and manually get it working on all the unwanted waste in my system. With the paid version, I could schedule it to start on its own.

It removes files Advanced System Care will not touch but will not optimize or help with problems like Advance System Care does. It will also clean my registry. It has other tools too that come in handy when the PC runs slow.


I use the anti-virus program installed in my computer, Windows Defender. I can almost hear the chatter out there with readers telling me I should be using something better. If I start having too many viruses entering my system I will probably buy the paid version of Malwarebytes. For now, I use the free version of this anti-virus software twice per month. So far [knock on wood], I have not had any viruses, just unwanted programs called PUP.

If you like what you are using to keep your PC in good running order, I suggest you keep with it. Sure, these contraptions are made on an assembly line but each one of us uses our babies differently so the maintenance package is going to be slightly difference. However, if you are not satisfied with what you have, you might want to check these three programs out. πŸ™‚


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β€œthere’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.” ― Stephen King, Different Seasons


15 thoughts on “Maintenance of My Writing Tool

  1. Sounds like you are quite on top of it when it comes to maintaining your computer PC. I currently use Norton internet security, always have from my very first laptop. It’s great at blocking viruses and attacks on my computer but the only thing I don’t like is that it takes up a sizable chunk of my internet when I update it each week.

    Like you, I do a lot of my writing paperless and I do so because it’s more efficient that way. I can put up so many more words in a minute compared to if I am writing by hand – and sometimes my writing is messy that I can’t figure out what I’ve written (or maybe a case of my mind processes faster than my hand can catch up writing or type on a computer/laptop).

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    1. I used to have such great penmanship and my handwriting was small too. Since getting a computer way back in 1999, my penmanship has become a wreck except for when I purposely take a lot of time with it. Definitely not conclusive for writing with any kind of flow.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I think about buying a Mac every once in a while but I know I will be more comfortable with the Windows structure despite the fact that I am a left-hander. I have gotten so used to reaching to the right upper corner to close programs.

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  2. What do you use for word processing. I have been using OpenOffice and tried Libre, which is a more up to date spin-off of the free open-source OpenOffice base. Though I still use my tried and true version of OpenOffice.

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    1. I use Libre. There are still many aspects of the program I do not know well, though. Of course, I think about this when I am in the middle of a project using the blasted thing.

      I would use OpenOffice except its dictionary is just so-so and it does not have a thesaurus. Even so, the one with Libre is not all that terrific so I usually use one on the internet.

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    1. Jacqui, Advanced System Care is an okay program, though I use it more for the programs that come with it. There is the drive updater, the defragmenter, and the uninstaller it terrific.


  3. I used to used Windows Defender until I got a couple of bad viruses a few years ago. At the time, I wasn’t using Malware Bytes though. I now use the free version of Avast for virus protection, but I did opt to pay for their PC cleanup service. Malware Bytes is awesome πŸ™‚

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