Interview with Jacqui Murray

I usually do not have a post for Monday but Jacqui is doing a blog hop for her recently released book, Twenty-four Days. I figured this was my chance at my first interview attempt.


Twenty-four Days

Jacqui, thank you for agreeing to this.

Did you grow up knowing you wanted to be a writer? Please elaborate.

No—not at all. In fact, I didn’t want to. It seemed like too much cerebral exercise. It took me a while to grow into it!

I found out from a mutual friend that you teach. What has been your experience in this field?

I love teaching. I’ve taught everything from preschool to grad school and find each level satisfying in their own way. Currently, I’m an adjunct professor for technology-in-education classes and I teach teachers. I enjoy the coaching and mentoring and it keeps me up to date in the field now that I’m not in a physical classroom.

You had told me once about your husband’s unending support toward your career as a writer. Could you give some details?

He is wonderful. He always tells me I can do it and that he believes in me. Even more, he supports my efforts by taking over lots of the house-type of jobs (cooking, cleaning, bills—that sort) that would take time away from writing. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t write without standing on his shoulders.

Your list of fictional books revolves around the military. What peaked your interest in this type of storytelling?

Both my kids are in the military so it’s pretty authentic. Building a Midshipman is the story of their efforts to get into the US Naval Academy. Unlike some Ivy League colleges, USNA cares less about a 4.0 GPA than the whole person—which inspired the book. My latest novel, Twenty-four Days, is set on the USS Bunker Hill, a cruiser that my daughter served on. She got me a lot of access to its inner workings.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring writer?

Find your voice and stick with it. Don’t try to write like people want you to. Figure out who you are and let that inspire your words.


Check out Twenty-four Days

Kirkus Review: A blistering pace is set from the beginning: dates open each new chapter/section, generating a countdown that intensifies the title’s time limit. Murray skillfully bounces from scene to scene, handling numerous characters, from hijackers to MI6 special agent Haster. … A steady tempo and indelible menace form a stirring nautical tale.


What customers are saying about this series:

One thing I enjoyed about this read is the technical reality Murray created for both the scientific and military aspects of the book. I completely believed the naval and investigatory hierarchy and protocols, as well as the operation inside the sub. I was fascinated by her explanation of Otto’s capabilities, the security efforts Kali employs to protect her data, and how she used Otto’s data to help Rowe.

The research and technical details she included in this book had me in complete awe. A cybervirus is crippling submarines–and as subs sunk to the bottom of the ocean, I found myself having a hard time breathing. It’s up to Zeke and Kali to save the entire country using their brains. If you love thrillers, this is definitely one you can’t miss!


Book information: Title and author: Twenty-four Days by J. Murray; Genre: Thriller, military thriller; Cover by: Paper and Sage Design; Available at: Kindle US, Kindle UK, Kindle Canada


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What sets this series apart from other thrillers is the edgy science used to build the drama, the creative thinking that unravels the deadly plot, and the Naval battle that relies on not just fire power but problem solving to outwit the enemy. ~ Jacqui Murray


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