#weekendcoffeeshare: Processions of Learning

#weekendcoffeeshare: Processions in Learning

The Daily Post sponsors the #weekendcoffeeshare. Twitter is also using this hashtag. If this is something you’d like to do, whether it be weekly like it’s supposed to be or the way I do it, once a month, I hope you will join in.

[Your dialogue is in navy. My dialogue is in maroon.]

Somehow both of us got out of our respective homes early, which was a good thing seeing that the day is predicted to be a hot one. We opted for a small coffee shop/cafe not on the main drag, hoping to be able to sit outside on the modest terrace they provide. Once we have our mugs brimmed and a plate of miniature goodies, we set ourselves at a table under one of the Locust trees.

“After being an obsessive coffeeholic, how are you holding up with the tea?” You take one of the packets of flavored creamer and dump the contents into your mug.

I swish my tea bag in the hot water, hoping to make the tea take hold faster and change the color to the translucent brown. “Me obsessive? You drink more than your share.” We both let out a chuckle before I continue. “It was questionable at first but not foreign. Seeing I have tea when I am not feeling well, it was not like drinking something unknown. And it did not take me long to get used to the taste and actually enjoy it.”

“Don’t you miss the creamers?”

“Creamers are just added empty calories. Besides, if I really start craving creamer, I can always have the chai latte sitting in my cupboard. One thing is for sure, the caffeine in tea does not make me agitated. A definite plus.”

We sit in a moment of silence nibbling on mini muffins. The breeze kicks up a little making the leaves flutter.

“I did not think you were the type to get upset easily. Are things all right?” you ask peering at me closely.

I laugh briefly before taking a sip of tea. “Nothing earth-shattering. I’ve been exceedingly frustrated and discourage with my writing. I think I might be coming out of this funk, though. Slowly, like an old snail but still moving forward. Maybe it has something to do with the time of year.”

“Maybe but it could be something else. What brought it on?”

“The same old thing. Expecting too much too soon. You know me–the impatient perfectionist.” I look down into my cup. I hate these flaws in me, yet know they keep me pushing for more out of myself–which is a good thing.

I gaze across the terrace, letting my eyes rest on a man feverishly typing away on his laptop while his beverage sits there getting cold, or maybe hot. “I wish I could be like him.” I make a slight gesture to him so you know who I am talking about.

“Can I make a suggestion?” You look at me over the top of your mug resting firmly in both hands. “I think you need to slow down with your writing.” I give you a surprising look. “Keep on writing the same number of hours but let yourself stop to wonder, don’t push yourself by thinking you must get it done. I don’t think you are letting yourself enjoy the journey.”

I stop gulping my tea and begin to sip it instead while I take another gander at the man across the patio. “You know, I don’t think I am enjoying the journey right now. I am not so sure your idea will fix my problem but it is worth a try.”

We finish our drinks doing some people-watching, making small remarks in whispers.

Are there times when the joy of writing has gone out of your journey?


13 thoughts on “#weekendcoffeeshare: Processions of Learning

  1. I have felt that way sometimes. I’d write about a topic that fascinates me, but I won’t feel happy or fulfilled. Not that I’m even rushing, just that I’d probably have the feeling I’d rather be doing something else. I guess sometimes we are just not in the mood for writing. Then there’d be other times when I would want to write and just right away happy, but those times don’t come around often.

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    1. Those “right away” moments are rare with me when it comes to my WiP. I think I had misplaced my inner courage. It is starting to come back to me now but not as fast as I would like–of course. :/

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  2. I really like the expression “the impatient perfectionist” I think it sums up a lot of people that I know. I will share it later with someone I work with.

    I’ve been told that I should set some time aside for writing (as well as other things) but I can never keep to a schedule. Since my writing is a group of disjointed series, it doesn’t seem to matter. For me, it’s easier to write when it’s easy to write – I know, I know. I just mean that I tend to write in bursts, when I feel like writing. I’ve been that guy, typing as my coffee gets cold, because I was trying to capture the thoughts spewing out. I know Ill never remember them later. I either write or take notes, but the writing is better when I can write.

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    1. Dan, from what I have seen, you are an essay writer [as opposed to a novel writer]. Writing when the mood strikes you can be very doable, especially if some of those times you are jotting down notes for later use. With novel writing, I, for one, think that is a little different. There has to be more of the method and routine in the writing process, otherwise, the writer can easily lose motivation.

      The term “impatient perfectionist” suits me almost perfectly. It is a frustrating trait to have. Try to be understanding with that person.

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  3. Enjoy the journey of writing – your friend gave you great advice, Glynis. I’m going to take this for myself as well. I don’t mean that writing should never be hard, (revisions are hard by nature) but to take pleasure in the process and the product – that’s a wonderful outlook. Good luck moving forward on your WIP.

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    1. I get caught up in all that I have learned, sidestepping the creativity part of the craft. Yet, it is this part, the imaginativeness, that has caused me to love writing in the first place. What a dilemma! O_o

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  4. Like, Dan, i was taken with the term “impatient perfectionist,” and will be sharing it with others. It catches the dilemma many of us have. I haven’t lost the joy of writing, but then I haven’t been writing long, and I have never tackled a novel. Somedays I feel more inspired than others; but always I enjoy the process.

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    1. Janet, I, actually, have not been serious about writing for a long time either. I have only been at it three years. At that, I have only one rough draft done, which I cannot seem to con myself in to going back to.

      The term, impatient perfectionist, slid right out of my mind onto the screen somehow. I wish all of my writing would be like that.

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