#amwriting: Contentment of Writing

@amwriting: Contentment of Writing
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It was a week and a half ago that I opened my email inbox and clicked on the link to a post at Nilichoanika’s blog, My writing space. I had written about my writing spot in the past, so was curious to find out how hers was laid out. As I read her words, I realized her post was looking at a different perspective of the physical area where she chose to write. Her words touched on the influence surroundings can have on the process of composing.

Her post unveiled thoughts in me I had been fending off for quite some time now. They are fears I have buried under mounds of senseless scribbles in hopes of making those doubts die. All have to do with not thinking my writing is good enough.

I was writing in conversational English, using the apostrophe so often, I wonder now if anyone was getting distracted by those little guys. I have altered my style to avoid the apostrophe as much as I can without coming across as fraudulent and/or rhetorical. In other words, it is still the conversational stuff but I have changed how it reads, at least a little. Whether these changes have done any good still remains to be discovered. I know I am still not enjoying my time at the keyboard when trying to progress at my WiP. Still, the words seem to be coming a fraction quicker when I type an entry for my blog posts.

Did this alleviate the skepticism in me? No, not really. Most things I have succeeded at have come about because my brain makes a beeline for the finish line. Even when I played the flute, the goal was to get to the end of the piece without making a mistake and at the right tempo. Obviously, I relied a little more on the mechanics of music instead of the passion. Believe it or not, it served me well too. I obtained 1st chair, second flute in an all-city band and won numerous first places in music contests playing solos. However, I am finding this method does not work as well with the writing craft.

So much of the satisfaction in writing has nothing much to do with the end product. More of the gratification comes during the process of the craft.

I need to find a way to adapt my feelings of jubilance into the journey and put aside any thoughts about the conclusion of my WiP. This is not an easy task for me seeing I have used the former method for decades. I have decided that I am going to have to make myself a poster that says:

It’s all in the journey.

I will hang it on the wall above the shelf that sits just inched up from my PC monitor. That way I will see it every time I approach my desk.

Are you questioning how this is going to help the doubter in me? I am thinking it will help me see that the process of writing is never sure. I have to learn to accept that and open up more to the possibilities and freedom it could bring to me.


What do you do to put the contentment of writing into you?

“Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.” ― Emma Chase, Tamed


14 thoughts on “#amwriting: Contentment of Writing

  1. I have always believed the journey is the only part of the process that is really worthwhile. It was my guiding mission when I taught art to kids.

    But I wonder if you have asked yourself: why do you write? What do you want to get out of it?

    I don’t mean to ask this in an accusing way but have you considered the drive to write and why you have it? Maybe if you can articulate why you write, you can make the experience more meaningful. I think maybe you’re looking for something outside of the writing experience to make you feel satisfied with it.

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    1. Shari, it could be that I was looking for something outside the writing experience but something has changed in me during the last couple of weeks. I still do not know what I was looking for prior to August and I cannot tell you what has changed in me either. All I do know is my motivation seems to be rising again.

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    1. Jacqui, to tell you the truth, now that I have figured this out down deep so it will stick, I am finding the writing easier to handle. Somehow knowing, in my bone, that the journey is the real thing has calmed me down so I am not trying so hard to finish a page and, instead, am just letting the words flow out of me. It is all about perception. O_o

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  2. I think this is one of the explanations of why we sometimes get “writer’s block”. We try to hard to fit into writing habits and tips for being productive, that we sometimes forget about the essence of writing, what brought us to this path, and why writing makes us feel good. So definitely, we should sometimes forget about all this structure, and just feel the flow of the words, even if they are productive or not. “It’s all in the journey.” 😉

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  3. Rachel McAlpine

    I’m thrilled you’ve had this breakthrough. My tagline is “write into life” — not write into publication or winning or even finishing. Just writing for the joy of it, for fun and personal satisfaction. Then many benefits flow.


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