#weekendcoffeeshare: Change in Intent

Good Almost Weekend to You.

As the season begins to shift, I, too, am transforming my life, although not in the colossal ways nature does. The way I have approached my writing thus far has been shriveling into a game of miss or hit. Even at that, the hits have been askew. I believe adaptations for how my blog is presented is needed.

I am not referring to the design, although at some point I will probably change that once again. I am pertaining to the topics I write about and how I write about them. The latter will be something I hope will evolve within a relatively short amount of time.

#weekendcoffeeshare:  Change in Intent

FIRST OFF, I have thought long and hard about how I am managing my blog. Although I love writing the posts, I have concluded I am spending more time on the design of my posts than what is necessary for the type of blog I have. Through trial and error, I will be testing different sizes of the images I choose, hoping to find a smaller size that enhances the post but does not overwhelm it. I still like the hashtag impact in the titles of my posts. It works well in announcing the subject of the individual posts and, hopefully, brings reads from Twitter to my site.

However, my posts for the hashtag, #weekendcoffeeshare, have been, in truth, burdensome. [Boy, have they become burdensome!] Trying to hold a conversation participating in both parts [you & me] is grueling. Dan, I do not understand how you can continue to do it week after week. It is a fun and ingenious idea but it wears my nerves raw almost to the point where they bleed.

From here onward, I will be writing my posts for this hashtag as if I am having a conversation with you or writing you a personal letter [e-letter?] leaving out any assumptions of what you may say or write in return. I will leave that part strictly up to you to contribute in the comment section. This way my anxiety will not be cutting against my nerves. In addition, it may bring some lively discussion to the post.

SECOND, I am doing away with the hashtag, #amwriting. Yes, I know its popularity is gigantic but I feel the topic is far too extensive. I want one that is more specific. Starting next Thursday, you will be seeing the hashtag, #takeonnews to which I will be writing my views about news items. I can only hope you will like this new category of posts.

I am doing this to broaden my own horizons on the craft of writing. Because I have been feeling so inapt with fiction for almost a year now, I thought it might be worthwhile to follow Jeri Walker’s lead and develop more skill in non-fiction.

[Maybe I will stop thinking about pulling out my hair when I sit at the desk.]

THIRD, I have started a journal–AGAIN! One way or another I am going to pin down my muse and make her work. I am determined to find out what the obstacles are that are interfering with my mental agility. [I have already found one, creative fear, which I will discuss in a future post.]

I am hoping to keep this diary going instead of tossing it aside in a few weeks. Maybe if I write more about what is perturbing and agitative to me, I can figure out what the other writing hindrances are. Some of what I will be writing I will duplicate in selected posts because there is a possibility you have the answer I may be enshrouding from myself. Hopefully, you will be gallant enough to express it to me in the comment section. 😉


I have mentioned this subject before on a couple of prior posts but time is running short so I cannot procrastinate anymore.

One way on another I have to learn how to write when my husband is home. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know he will be retiring soon, which means I cannot count on X number of hours I will have that will be peaceful.

I have already started writing a little while he watched football games. So far, as long as he does not have the TV too loud, it is working all right.

We have talked about this problem I have [Notice I do not mention it being his problem.] and the idea of ear buds has emerged. They do not block out all noise but they do buffer it. I do not want those headsets that block out all sound just because they are so heavy and clumsy. Talk about a distraction! The ear buds fit neatly just inside the ears, which, I am assuming, will not be as annoying.


Well, what do you think?

“Although goals are important, having a plan of action is vital to the success of those goals. Having a goal with no plan of action is like wanting to travel to a new destination without having a map.”
Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free


19 thoughts on “#weekendcoffeeshare: Change in Intent

  1. Lovely to see you switching up your writing and what you’re blogging about. I don’t like sticking to a theme of hashtags as like you, I feel they can bog me down. For me a lot of the writing that I do is really random – one day it could be a few words and another day a few hundred words on another topic. Basically I write what’s on my mind and what I feel rather than with a prompt – which can be useful when I’m feeling stuck.

    Hope you can write more when your husband is around. Very rarely I feel I write well in the presence of someone else, even if it’s someone close to me. Writing alone just works for me best.

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    1. Mabel, I use the hashtags for two reasons. One, my creativity is not all that terrific. I do not think it ever was. Yet, I love writing, so I give myself little flags to get me going down a path. The hashtags spark possible topics in my head. Two, I have found I do have some people following my blog from Twitter instead of subscription. By having the hashtag in the title, what I post automatically to Twitter is seen by those people and they are more likely to read the post.

      My husband is starting to think of ways he can stay busy when he retires. I am thinking up stuff for him to do too so he is not blasting the TV so often. 😈

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  2. I think changing the style/content-mix to accommodate your muse, or to tempt her out of the shadows, is a good idea. You certainly don’t want writing to be a stress point. I do enjoy your dialogs, but I come here to here an interesting story that is well-told, and you usually deliver on that promise. However you package it is fine with me, and it should feel good for you. Thanks for comments about my tales from the bar. It’s less talent and more taking advantage of the way my mind works.

    I look forward to the change, and to seeing the product of a more relaxed Glynis. I think the earbuds might work (I hope they do). I have had to resort to using a lightweight headset in a number of situations (usually at work) ever since having the hearing problems I had back in May. You’re right about finding something that is not too heavy (or too loud) so as to be their own distraction.

    Good luck. We’ll be here 🙂

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    1. I have not considered what I write here as being stories as such. I lean towards thinking of them as column articles coming from someone who is captivated by the venture of writing but comprehensively and utterly baffled by most of the details of the craft.

      My husband’s retirement days will be a challenge so I do not know how calm my writing will be. Nevertheless, I am up for this challenge and how to make it work to my advantage.

      Dan, when I do start using bits and pieces of my journal in this blog, I hope I can count on you for your two to five cents worth in the comments section. 🙄

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    1. Jacqui, you have nothing to fear. Politics is definitely not my thing–at all. On the other hand, though, I may comment on crappy schools, police forces, rude behavior, and such. I do consider them a little political in nature but there will not be anything about hard-core politics. I also will not be discussing any current wars. 😎


  3. I admire your pluck and persistence in experimenting with different approaches to writing and being motivated to write. And I believe, because of your strong will to do so, one day you will arrive at a solution that works for you. Not perfectly or consistently, I don’t know if that is possible, but good enough to keep you going most days.

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    1. From the other comments I receive here on my blog, I would guess there are not very many people who actually understand my impediments with writing right now. Yet, you seem to comprehend what I write in my posts almost perfectly. All I can say is thank you so much for the comments you have left. I hope you continue to have this insight and let me know that you understand.

      Could it be that we are both products of the Rocky Mountain area? :/


      1. I’m glad you find my comments helpful. It’s easy for me to make them because I value the openness and honesty you bring to your writing. Hmmm…maybe it does have something to do with the Rocky Mountains, they are so grand and implacable.

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        1. I believe all that you learn while growing up shapes you. [Duh!] This also forms styles of living and thinking that helps people connect to other people. For instance, the details of the rules we grew up with are probably the same, making it easier to understand each other. [Just my way of thinking, of course.]


  4. Blogs morph as their owners change plans or realize what works best. It’s the nature of the beast. I’m glad I went down to every other week on my business blog, as it’s freed up considerable time for my creative nonfiction writing. I never thought that blogging a book would be the way I could finally generate material for magazine articles and a book down the road, but having a deadline that’s public instead of private is a great motivator for me.

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  5. Glynis, it’s always good to try new things as it helps you grow intellectually and that will stimulate your creativity. It can lead to insight about situations and people you never understood before. Eliminating projects that have run their course opens the door to exploring new opportunities.

    Hopefully your ear buds will help keep sounds down to an uninterruptive level. You’re very sensitive to sounds.

    I certainly wish you well on your new ventures into the unfamiliar and am looking forward to reading the new topics on your blog.

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    1. I used to write articles for the newsletter of an organization. Were my articles received well? I do not know but at least I was trying to get messages out to people who needed to know. I thought trying it at my blog would be good exercise [writerly that is]. I always feel so uncertain when writing fiction. I am beginning to wonder if I am the right person for it and, instead, should be sharping my skill in non-fiction. That is where the idea of having a post with the hashtag #takeonnews was begotten.

      Something has developed so that I may not need the earbuds for a while. I will discuss that in a future post.


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