#weekendcoffeeshare: Tribulation and Hopefulness


Good Almost Weekend to You. ❤

Outside of the one window I have in the makeshift computer room, there is an old cottonwood tree that stands tall and proud in the backyard across the street. Because the properties are staggered, I get a clear view of it. Its giant-size leaves rustle in the breeze all summer long. I think of it as a strong sturdy tree that has probably been here since the development of this neighborhood back in the 1970’s. Yet, it is the first tree to lose its leaves in the fall while the other trees hold on tight to what they have, trying to keep them green. The other trees are losing their leaves now too, of course, but putting up a fight, letting the leaves change color. The poor cottonwood is completely bare.

Lately, I have been feeling like that old cottonwood tree. I feel I do not have any more to give. I feel vulnerable without any defenses to protect me. Yet, I wonder if maybe this is a good thing instead of something bad. After all, these feelings are not due to anything in the world at large despite all the chaos and distress the newspapers and news shows are telling us about on a daily basis. Maybe I need to open up more and this attitude is compelling me in that direction so I can get rid of the burden I think I might be carrying in my subconscience.

Every once in a while I go through one of these disruptions of mental tribulation in my life. Chances are the sensation is trying to tell me to do something drastically different. Damned if I know what it is though. Still, do not think I am looking for sympathy or answers. I prefer to find out on my own. This is part of life; probably anyone’s part of life. I tell you because we are having coffee together. Well, maybe you are having coffee. I am having green tea.

On the lighter side of my life, I received good news two weeks ago. Husband and I went to the Social Security office so we could find out what our circumstances would be when he retires. Turns out he can keep on working if he wants to because his pay is not high enough to affect his SS. Also, I will be getting something every month as well. I will not have to feel guilty about getting my hair cut by my preferred stylist anymore. 😈 

image by barnimages.com @ http://ift.tt/1PhXbX2

I am getting into the swing of writing strictly non-fiction again. It does not feel very creative but I am learning new things. The research, of itself, is getting me outside of my head and into the world. Manuscript lengths have changed over the years for factional articles. It used to be a piece ranging from 300 to 500 words was the average. These days, editors are looking for 1000 words. I am having to learn more about the process of getting research done because of this fact. I need to dig deeper but without going into much more detail that no one wants to read. I will get the hang of it but in the meantime, it is kind of problematic at times for me.

I thought I was lucky when the cable company gave me a laptop just for switching to them. Boy, was I wrong. It is the cheapest laptop that could be found, just 2GB of memory. I thought about getting an external drive so I could get all the Windows updates to load into it. I even got advice from Jacqui Murray, who gives excellent technical advice on her blog, WordDreams in addition to writing books and teaching. Talking to the computer guru at Staples, I found out how much my little laptop was a piece of junk. He informed that even the cheapest laptop in the store would be a great improvement. Husband’s reaction was, “Your Christmas present this year.” [We still pinch pennies like mad so all I can do is hope nothing drastic happens in the meantime.]

So… I am stuck at my little desk in the “computer room” until my [hopefully] Christmas present arrives. I should have known something free was more likely to be garbage. 😦

How have things been going for you since autumn began?

“Trials and tribulations are nothing but opportunities to test the true potential of your mind.”
― Edmond Mbiaka


16 thoughts on “#weekendcoffeeshare: Tribulation and Hopefulness

  1. Glynis, I am so sorry the cable company duped you. I hope you sent them a letter of complaint. Meanwhile, your new venture in non-fiction sounds like a great idea! And I love the description of looking at the cottonwood tree through the staggered placement of the houses.

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    1. The leaves aren’t turning pretty colors this year. It is so weird. The leaves hang on until they start curling but try to hold on to their green. Then, they fall and shrivel to brown cylinders. Usually, there is color galore here during October.

      The cable company sends out a yearly questionnaire. I’m going to wait for that to give my 2 cents worth to them.

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  2. I can relate to lots of what you describe, Glynis. The cheapest-but-great laptop I know about is a Chromebook. They’re under $200 for everything most people need but they’re only for the internet. It wouldn’t work with Scrivener (because it’s a download).

    I can’t wait to hear what kind of laptop you get for Christmas!

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    1. I know I won’t be getting an HP. My husband PC is one and he keeps on having problems with it. Truth is, I’m not so sure the problems are the fault of the company and, instead, may be something he is doing wrong. He knows hardware but I have been the one to sit at his desk to delete software he can’t figure out himself. SIGH! 🙄

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  3. Oh yes, laptop woes. My current one is four years old, and that’s pretty old for a laptop. It’s a great laptop with dual processors and a solid-state hard drive to handle photo and video editing, but it’s not going to last forever. Lots of memory is a good thing. My Word and Excel documents get backed up in the cloud, but my pictures and video don’t. I do that every so often to an external hard drive, which refuses to do so automatically. I am not looking forward to the day this laptop dies as it’s a leftover from the days before divorce when cost wasn’t an issue. It’s shown me the blue screen of death three times, so how knows how much longer it will last?

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  4. I am so happy to have found time to read blogs again! I like how you started off by talking about feeling that the universe could be telling you that a change is needed, but not knowing what that change is. I had been feeling that way for quite sometime now, but finally my change has revealed itself and I am looking forward to following that path.

    What type of non-fiction works have you been writing? (Sorry if you have already talked about it in a prior post. I’ve been offline for awhile)

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    1. I’m surprised you find the time to visit the blogosphere with your little man to take care of. Great to see you here though.

      Right now I’m trying the craft of writing articles about total wellness, touching on mind, body, and spirit. I am hoping it lights a match under me for some more fictional writing.

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  5. I have been having tribulations this fall related to my health; nothing major, all minor but wearying. The worst is a painful groin pull that has me housebound for a month, forbidden to walk anymore than around my house doing ordinary things. For someone who loves her early morning walk, watching the world awaken, striding quickly and powerfully up and down hills for approximately an hour most mornings, I feel lost and cranky. I have another week to go and then, gradually over the course of four months, I can build up to where I was before the fall that precipitated the groin pull. I feel like I have missed out on autumn, which saddens me. but the pain has lessened, so I know the prescription is correct, and I will stick with it. Thanks for asking the question you did and allowing me to feel sorry for myself for a bit, Glynis.

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    1. A groin pull sounds painful to me. Nice to know you’re healing on schedule. Everyone needs to gripe once in a while. In another week, you can venture outside again. Just be careful and don’t overdo it out there. It will definitely be parka weather where you live, maybe you’ll even need a knit cap and gloves. Still, the cold air on your face is going to feel exhilarating. 😉


  6. Glynis, well you can’t ask a better person than Jacqui for advice -a pity about the laptop and what a con. On the upside you have a lovely Christmas present to come…now just have to forget all about it! 😀😀. Sometimes that vulnerable stage just comes along, I’m touched by your tender analogy to the cottonwood Tree…like it, you will blossom again, regain strength and feel much better. See if you can ride with the feeling for a while, don’t fight it too much. Also good luck with the research…a totally different form of writing. Take care, hugs xx

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    1. Thanks for the moral support, Annika. 😀 Yes, I will bloom again. I just hope I don’t have to wait until spring like that cottonwood across the street.

      I didn’t know that Jacqui was so savvy with the computer until I found out about her being a teacher. I’m duly impressed with all she can do. 🙂

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