#takeonnews: Are We Headed for Disaster?

I think it was in August when I installed the Pocket icon on my internet browser in an attempt to keep more involved with the world. I’m a nerdy housewife who doesn’t spend much time away from home. If there was a car for me to use, this might not be the case but as it is, my time online is my open window to what goes on beyond my yard.

Pocket has sent me articles on all sorts of topics from different sources throughout cyberspace. I can’t say I’ve read each one presented to me but it’s nice to have the variety and be introduced to events both local and international.

In the past two months, I have been receiving articles suggesting how bad our world has gotten in recent years. There is starvation, war, terrorism, bigotry, inequality, global warming, economic hardship, and the list goes on and on. In many of these articles, the word disaster, collapse, or disintegration is said someplace in the piece.

Here are some examples of what I’ve received in my email inbox:

These are harsh realities to face. Even if your plight is small compared to someone else’s, the growing number of them can seem daunting. However, a great number of these concerns have been around for longer than any of us. Somehow people have survived through the tribulations of whatever era they lived in and have become better because of the ordeals they had to endure.

The one question that weaves in and around my mind though is have we become too soft and insensible to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps when disaster strikes in today’s world? People are giving lip service with agility, yet no one seems to be following through with action. Could it really be that we cannot be bothered with it because our individual burdens are that heavy or, at least, we think they are?

I remember a time when individuals spoke out against injustice and backed it up with positive action. If someone was in need, there were several hands reaching out to help.

In today’s society, people walk looking at their iPhones, mumbling, “Sorry.” and moving on when they bump into another person. Flipping the bird has become the norm on the road when someone is driving erratically without a glimmer of concern as to why the person would be doing it. Honest care of fellow humans doesn’t seem to exist anymore. It’s all about self now.

Yet, it’s this very attitude that is going to make us go crashing down as a civilization. We’ve seen it before — over and over again, in fact. All great civilizations of the past have collapsed because of the lax and apathy of the people.

Is it a case of we think we’re exempt from what has happened all through history? Do we think someone [not us of course] will figure out how to turn things around and follow through with the needed action?

I am not better than anyone else. I am guilty of expecting someone to show me the way instead of figuring it out for myself. In order to survive any catastrophe that could befall me as a human, I need to get busy with plans I should be shaping.


“It was like we had known all along that the sky was going to fall and then it fell and we pretended to be surprised.”
Elin Hilderbrand, The Love Season


12 thoughts on “#takeonnews: Are We Headed for Disaster?

  1. I actually broached the topic of ‘personal responsibility’ with an acquaintance (a woman I ended up sharing a hotel room with at a conference) and she got mad at me! She considered me insensitive that I’d expect people to do that. Yikes–are we through the rabbit hole, Alice?

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    1. We could be, Jacqui. Some of us see where we need to improve and are trying to take the steps to do so but there are thousands who are ignoring all the signs in our civilization.


  2. Our country has come through such rough times in the past; I thought the world was going to end in the sixties. But I agree that things seem different now as people seem to be living with their technology instead of with their fellowman. And I don’t know what can be done about it. I get so discouraged.

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    1. I’ve noticed a couple of TV commercials where subtly they are suggesting that people put their gadgets away and concentrate more on others. However, I, personally, think it’s too little too later.

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  3. I get discouraged when I follow the news, but then I remind myself that they tell stories based on ratings. I think we are drifting away from human interaction, or at least quality human interaction, but I think this trend will rebound. I worry about losing too many jobs to technology in the near future, but in the long term, I think other jobs will emerge.

    As Janet said, I worried in the 60s that we wouldn’t get this far. I’m too much of an optimist to worry too much. I’m not sure how far the pendulum will swing before it turns back, but I think (hope) it does turn back.

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    1. It would be wonderful if we could stop ourselves from ruining what we’ve built so far but, for me, it’s just wishful thinking. As I mentioned, history has proven we follow a dreadful cycle over and over again.

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    1. You’re right, Shari. It does depend on how much people are willing to give. However, looking through the history of humans, I’d say the chances of us giving enough soon enough are slim to none.

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  4. The events we are seeing are cyclic, they’ve been happening for thousands of years. As to people, well materialism has made us very selfish, however there are good people out there who give of themselves to those who need help. They will always be around to try and balance the ‘takers’.

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    1. Luciana, because your passion is history, I know that you understand what I was trying to convey in this post. I just feel that the number of givers is not going to be able to turn things around because the number of takers is too great.

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      1. I agree with you, Glynis. There are so few givers out there, and I don’t know about you, but I feel drained at end of each day. A pity so many people take from others.

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