#writingcraft: Mustering Up Courage

Personal Note: How do you like this new look for my blog? Is the picture too much or does it reflect the title okay? Will this look stick in your mind? I ask because I know I need to stop being so flippant with changing the design of my blog all the time. This frivolous changing I’ve been doing isn’t helping me establish a good following and it’s taking time away from my writing.


When I was a teenager, I was flamboyant with my writing. I would sit Indian-style on my bed with a spiral notebook and pen, writing exactly what I was feeling at that very moment. Swear words would flow without hesitation. Descriptions fell out onto the page with no effort. There would be times when I would cry as I wrote what was in my heart.

Where did that person go? When did  indecision and nagging doubt become part of my writing repertoire?

All of that writing seems so melodramatic now. Yet, I wish that girl was still with me. As I write this, I wonder if she may still be around, leering in the darkest of the shadows, waiting for me to call her forth.

The winter holidays that have just passed us by took me for a loop this time. The last two weeks of December I didn’t get any writing done on my WiP. I even struggled to get the weekly post done for this blog.

It wasn’t that I lacked the motivation. It was outside influences that kept me from doing anything productive. Yes, I know. It’s to be expected during the winter holidays.

Number one distraction was my husband being home more often. He had the TV blasting with college and professional football games. Okay, maybe not blasting but he was sure making a racket when there were touchdowns and penalties. I thought I could deal with the noise. I’ve done it in the past. Somehow, it was just too much for me this season.

Number two distraction was a nasty cold — which might have had something to do with me not being able to handle the noise. I had Vicks VapoRub  on all the way up to the bottom of my chin trying to prevent the cold from becoming a chest cold or bronchitis. And believe it or not, I succeeded in keeping the cold from being anything more than a sore throat and the stuffed up head.

Now that all is left of the cold is the “after-cold cough”, my motivation is peeking around the corner wondering if it’s all right to come out and play. I’m hoping it will also get my creativity a boost so my writing will fly a little higher and a lot farther.

Although I feel I have been courageous in my life, it has always been with situations that needed resolution of some sort, not in creating those situations, which is what I’m trying to accomplish in my writing. This is exactly the type of spunk I need and must muster up to do a better job on this rewrite. I am the only one who can get me through the uneasiness I have when going beyond my so-called norms of creativity. No one can do it for me, as much as I’d like it to be that way.

I dearly wish that teenage girl I used to be would show herself during my writing sessions. For that matter, I wish I would become that girl of boundless courage.


I have eight blessed hours five days a week when I can and should be exercising my creative muscle. Even though I don’t like new year resolutions, January, being cold and dreary, is an excellent time to start working on this and make it a habit.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
Nelson Mandela


20 thoughts on “#writingcraft: Mustering Up Courage

  1. Glynis, I find your blog easy to read. To me, that’s most important. Being a teenager is a very passionate time and we’re a bit self absorbed. As we grow up, we become more practical. As least, this was true for me. I wish I had the energy I had when young, but wish I’d been more observant then and less judgemental. I had little courage at any time of my life, but maybe I took more risks. Since you know what you want to achieve, I think you’ve got a great start on getting there.

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    1. I don’t think I was as judgemental as a teenager than I am now. I wasn’t one of the “popular kids” but did have a group of friends. My parents were a little “progressive” in how they raised my brother and me. Questions were always a good thing and unconventional answers were listened to and discussed. The only bad influence I had back then was my father’s drinking after dinner.


  2. That football thing–yikes! My husband too but when I’m writing, I tend to miss everything around me so not as much a bother as you find it. In fact, I get too oblivious and don’t notice things around me I should. I guess I have the opposite problem!

    I like the header and the colors. A bit dark–not bad, just an observation.

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    1. I know the background of the header is dark but because it is rather busy, I chose to leave it dark so the title and tagline of my blog would show up better.

      Now I have a new laptop so if I need more solitude, I can move to the back bedroom. 😀


    1. The cold is gone except for a nagging cough, which is also diminishing. As I told Jacqui [her comment right above yours], now that I have a laptop, if it gets too noisy, I can move to the back bedroom. 😛

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  3. The general format of your blog is easy to read, but the new header image is kind of hard to make out at a glance. Plus, it’s on the dark side. I could never get much done with the distraction of TV. Have you ever tried earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones?

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    1. I purposely have the header dark because I want the title and tagline of my blog to show up.

      I’ve thought about buying some earbuds. They wouldn’t block out all the noise but they would help.


  4. I had to laugh at the theme changing taking time from writing. I’m working at home today and I’ve been trying on different themes for our company website, and I fell like I’m not accomplishing anything!

    Your blog is easy to read, with nothing that I would say is a distraction. I know from having gone through a theme change, it does scatter your thoughts. I guess the good news is that football season is winding down, with fewer and fewer games. I was watching a couple of games that I cared about, and I couldn’t even think about the subjects I was hoping to tackle.

    I am glad to hear that you stopped your cold from getting worse, and that you’re feeling better.

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      1. He is good but they have younger players who are capable of playing in different types of coverage. Harrison was somewhat limited in that regard.

        They had to make a choice and he wanted to go if he wasn’t going to play more. I don’t like seeing him in NE but nobody asked me.

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  5. Glynis, I like the new look of your blog and frankly I see nothing wrong with changing it often, if that’s what you want. I also like the teenage girl you. She’s still inside you. You just need to connect with her. Best wishes for the new year. 🙂

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    1. Changing the look of my blog can and sometimes is time-consuming, which takes time away from writing. So… I’m hoping this last change will last long enough for me to claim it as my brand and spend my time on more of the important things in life.

      I hope I haven’t lost complete touch with that girl from so long ago, Carol. She had some good ideas back in the day.

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  6. Glynis, I love the mysterious image of your blog…very intriguing. Don’t knock yourself for not writing over Christmas…I hardly think anyone did. It seems to be the busiest time of the year and impossible when ill and lots of noise. Good luck with creative work this new year and to finding that girl…she is still there, just a bit cautious of making herself knows! Wishing you joy and peace this year and best of luck with your writing!! xxx

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    1. Thank you so much, Annika. Truth be known, I don’t feel bad about those two weeks of ignoring my WiP. I’ve been getting back into it as of last Friday.

      I might have to drag that girl out by her feet.

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  7. I find the image intriguing, quite mysterious too. As a teacher of adolescents, they focus on the here and now, and are egocentric, wearing their heart on a sleeve, and loving melodrama. Granted, not all teenagers are like that. As adults, we lose that. Our focus changes, we look to the future, what is happening, working, stresses of life and paying bills and that has an effect on our psyche. Perhaps meditation before you start writing might help, and reconnect with your teen self.

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