#thepersonalside: Mid-Year Wrap-Up

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There are events in my life I’ve begun to tell you, my online cronies, but I haven’t followed through with what has transpired. I’ve either decided the occurrence was too drab compared to what is probably going on in your lives or I thought it might be deemed imprudent. The latter is probably unlikely but how am I to really know what some else’s opinion is unless he or she tells me?

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in knowing what has changed and what is still the same in my personal life.

Not quite a year ago I wrote a post about a chronic health issue I have developed since age has crept up on me, minor digestive problems. [In that post I included links to two other previous posts to give more explanation.] As to be expected, I still have the condition, although it’s become a bit more manageable. What has caused this small change? I stopped eating dairy products. I even try to avoid most breads because of a little milk or butter in them. It didn’t even take a week for me to start feeling a difference. Am I lactose intolerant?  I don’t think so, not really. I could be lactose sensitive though. Nonetheless, I’m going to stay clear of dairy as much as possible because I generally feel so much better. As a bonus, I’ve lost over 30 pounds by doing away with the fat content in dairy products.

This last May, my husband and I were faced with a leaky roof. It was quite a hassle getting it taken care of but we’re finally happy with what we have now. It started a series of other updates to our home. We got a new sliding glass door going out to our deck. Finally, we can push the glass door to the side to let fresh air in without having bugs come in. In the past, we were keeping the glass door closed all the time except to feed our “outside” kitties because we didn’t have a screen. Right after getting that done, the dishwasher died. It was the original from the 1970s. We weren’t surprised by the death at all. Seeing we were replacing the dishwasher, we also replaced the range hood for our stove, which was also from the 1970s. Now all of our big kitchen appliances match. 😀

This spring and summer have been incredibly wet. We’ve felt lucky to go three days without rain. If I had the means to do it, I would ship all this precipitation back to California where the drought continues, dumping a bit in the southern Rockies of Colorado where forest fires are blazing. We’re absolutely soggy here in the south. [I am unduly relieved we have this new metal roof.] Because of all the humidity, the ticks are in abundance. Every time my husband mows the lawn, he sprays Off all over himself and checks himself for ticks when he’s done. Sometimes he’d asked for my assistance with the examinations due to he can’t see his own back. Even with the spray and tedious inspections, he got a case of Lyme disease. He’s on antibiotics now so he’s beginning to feel a little better.

It was just last week when I told you about the free writing course I’ve been kept busy with. I actually started the classes the middle of June. I was caught a little off guard by how much I’m learning from the course. It isn’t so much that I haven’t known that I’m doing in my writing but more of a case of how my mindset had been for over three years about this part of my life. The classes have given me the moral support I’ve been lacking, telling me what I’ve been doing skill-wise has been right. I feel more unrestrained now. I am in my last week of classes, week 8 to be exact. I want to take a couple more courses but I’m going to take some time off from studying and, instead, get back to work on that rough draft.


Such is life for an old fogey in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee. 😛

The marvelous richness of the human experience would lose something of rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome. The hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful if there were no dark valleys to traverse. ~Author: Helen Keller


13 thoughts on “#thepersonalside: Mid-Year Wrap-Up

  1. I’m really glad you found a way to resolve your health problem, Glynis.

    We’re kind of with you in the old house falling down around our heads problems. Like you, we simply don’t have the funds to replace and repair everything so we don’t. The worst is that we don’t have air conditioning and it’s too expensive to install. We use fans of course, but this week has been sweltering.

    We’re looking forward to visiting our younger son’s family in August. They live in Northern California, and we’ll drive up.

    So you can see that our lives are somewhat parallel. We’re also drab folks.

    Enjoy the last of your classes. I just started to read “Story Genius” by Lisa Cron – she has a brilliant take on why writers struggle with their writing.

    And we would be grateful for any rain you can send us. 😀

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    1. I don’t see how you can stand the heat in California these days with the drought going on. Sure, the humidity isn’t quite as high where you are but the temperatures are higher. When my aunt lived in Westminister, California, she had a swamp cooler. Would that work for you?

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      1. Because of the way our house is built, we can’t use a swamp cooler – it would make it very easy to break into the house. We leave as often as possible and have fans in every room. It’s a bit cooler today. Thanks for thinking of us – we’ll survive.

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  2. Sorry to hear about your husband getting Lyme Disease. It’s getting harder and harder to avoid the ticks. We will soon be shopping for appliances. It’s never fun, but at least you got a nice long life of service out of that dishwasher. I’m glad you are feeling better and have found a way to keep your trouble at bay. I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer!

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    1. My husband will be going in for a follow-up visit this week to see if a more specific antibiotic is needed. He isn’t letting this stop him though. He cleaned the laundry room from top to bottom for me this last weekend.

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  3. Glad to hear things are improving, though it seems you had quite a few hurdles to jump over. It always seems to be that way, hard and while ‘life is not meant to be easy’, it would be really nice if one did not have to be running into brick walls! As they say, on-wards and upwards!! I hope your husband’s health improves and you do too x

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