Quantum Notes

In my last post, I told you about how I would be handling my blog from now on, sporadic entries. And, hopefully, at least one per month. I got some good feedback on this decision, although the commenters assumed I was trying to keep things in my life more balanced. Everything in correlative portions. As mistaken as this is, I do understand how those readers came to that conclusion.

CURRENT PLAN: The logic for my changes in my writing life are a little more stringent than just having a better balance. My perspective has changed, which has also altered my priorities. This is a major switch in what I do with my days, not just adjusting the balancing act.

THE BLOG: I started this blog in May of 2013 in an attempt to further my writing skill. Reviewing that post, I can’t say I’ve improved much. It has, however, spurred me to continue to strive for this goal and continue to tackle the task of writing a novel. Dreadfully, I was continuing to think of blog posts before I directed attention on my Work in Progress [WiP], my novel. This, obviously, wasn’t the way to get the work done. Thus was born the strategy of arbitrary posts.

The solution came easy, however. Take blogging out of the mix of scheduled events but don’t bury it someplace where it can’t be found or used to build writing skills. Chances are most of my entries will be a lot like this one, in which I jabber about what has been going on since the last time I wrote a post. There will, however, be those occasional posts that will probably be full of my opinions too.

HEALTH: After having the flu last February, I finally acknowledged the fact I am not as hearty as I used to be. I was so sick all that month from something that used to take just a few days to get over. If I don’t take care of me first, nothing else I want or need to do is going to get done, at least not to my satisfaction.

I’ve lost over forty pounds during the duration of ten months. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. [No, despite being sick for a month, only four pounds came off during that month.] Have you seen that commercial where the woman says all she did was walk to lose the weight? Well, that’s what I did, forty lapses inside my house every day. In truth though, this wouldn’t have taken off the weight except I also gave up all dairy products. Did you know dairy products are full of saturated fat? By giving up all dairy products I have improved my general health. I sleep better and I have a little more energy during the day.

I went in for a bone density test a week ago this last Monday. I wasn’t nervous at all about it thinking it would be a breeze. The procedure certainly was easy enough but I didn’t count on how the results would affect me. To say the least, I was shocked. I have Osteoporosis. Chances are my disability is the most to blame because it hampers so heavily on my mobility. There aren’t a lot of ways for me to get exercise, which helps create more bone mass. So now I’ll have to take a series of shots and, of course, take a calcium supplement.

INVASION OF THE GNATS: Gnats are tiny flies that usually penetrate the home through the drains. In the almost ten years we’ve lived in this house, we’ve never had a problem with them. that is until this year. It was as if they knew when October 1st was and march right in to fly all over our house and drive us bonkers. They even got into our refrigerator. Chances are they appeared because of all the rain we’ve had this year. If you live in a dry climate, don’t complain.

We had our house sprayed professionally but they returned. Money poorly spent. In retaliation, we got some bug spray at the supermarket and spray the entire house once a day until we have a freeze.

WRITING: In my last post, I discussed my plans for a new writing project. Although I’m sure I’m not done with the research and I have yet to make it to the library, I’ve am in the process of writing the first rough draft. Contrary to what so many say about having deadlines and targeting a daily word count, I decided to go for quality of work on this WiP from the very first instead of quantity. I have yet to get past the first chapter, making absolutely sure I am saying exactly what I mean to say in this story. I can’t convince myself to go forward to chapter two until chapter one feels complete.

Do I hear writers moaning about this decision of mine? So far, going at a sloth’s pace has intensified my interest in this project. I’m enjoying the pursuit of how to weave historical paranormal into this tale. Finding the right way to incorporate the goals of not just my protagonist but the other main characters is thought-provoking, putting me on short tangents of fiction within the bigger story.

Autumn: The one and only thing I can say with positivity about living where I am right now are the colors of autumn have been brilliant during the nine-plus years. Except this year, the colors are muted. The radiance isn’t there. In many cases, the leaves are turning a dull brown around the edges and just falling off. I can only guess this dreary shift of the season is due to all the rain during the summer months–waterlogged leaves.


One of the strongest motives that lead men to art and science is escape from everyday life with its painful crudity and hopeless dreariness, from the fetters of one’s own ever-shifting desires. A finely tempered nature longs to escape from the personal life into the world of objective perception and thought. — Albert Einstein


16 thoughts on “Quantum Notes

    1. Your mentor’s words are ones I’ll remember. Over the years I have become a little more patient, which has served me well during times like this when I feel I shouldn’t rush the development of the story. Still, I’ve begun to feel uncomfortable with my slowness, thinking I should be trying to keep up with something. But with what?

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  1. Wow! What a month you’ve had, Glynis. I agree with you about how the blog takes so much time, and all that could be devoted to working on your book. I’ve had the same internal discussion many times, especially since I can’t seem to develop a strong readership. For all the time I spend writing posts, only a small number of loyal followers read and comment. The flaw may well be my own, but I’m with you on re-thinking priorities about whether to work on the blog or work on the book.

    I also commend you for your new approach about writing. I’ve never looked at work county as i find it an arbitrary assessment of what I’ve accomplished. Your idea of working toward quality rather than a particular quantity sounds right to me.

    Good for you about the weight loss, especially since you’re feeling so much better. But I’m sorry to know that the flu had you bed-bound for so long.

    I’m sending you good wishes for your new outlook and work strategy, and hope it results in a story you’re proud of.

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    1. I kind of figured you would be one who understood what I want to shoot for. February’s flu is long gone, although, because of its severity, I can’t erase it from my thoughts completely. I have an appointment with the doctor on Oct. 26th to get that flu shot. I’m hoping it with push the ugly thought back farther in my mind.

      I’ve let some of the blogs I was following go by the wayside even though they were about the writing craft. After four years of reading them, I’m burnt out on them. Now my list of blogs to read is a mixture of topics. Yours is still on my list ;).


  2. It is interesting to read your blog has been a bit distracting. For me, blogging has admittedly taken time up, some posts take longer to write than others and so my book draft takes a backseat. Good to hear you are putting attention on your health – even a bit of tired can slow you down and make you unmotivated to write, and this is what I’ve found juggling too many things at once. The gnats sound annoying and hopefully as the season moves along, they move along too.

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    1. I’m curious about what you said about my blog being distracting, Mabel. Could you explain?

      I know my writing won’t be anything but slow. First, I’m a lefty so even writing longhand takes more time. With my disability to hinder me, I’m typing with one hand–yes, the left one. I wrote this post in sessions over a period of two weeks. It’s a little over 1000 words. How long do you take to write your posts?


      1. Oh! I meant that perhaps your blog was distracting you from other forms of writing, which I thought you alluded to unless I misinterpreted.

        That is a good effort for you, writing your posts. Props to you. I usually take 2-3 weeks to finish a post, from researching to writing, redrafting to photography to uploading, working on a post 3-5 nights a week, anywhere between 1-4 hours depending on if I”m doing anything else and how challenging I’m finding a topic. Take care, Glynis.

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        1. Glad you cleared up my confusion about the distraction thing. Yes, the blog has become a distraction in some ways.

          My posts are usually of the personal nature that doesn’t require research, just time to type it out, revise it, and get it uploaded. So far [knock on wood] I haven’t had a problem finding images to go with my posts.

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  3. Given how personal the art of writing is (has to be), I think it’s one time when the expression “whatever works for you” is appropriate. And, what works for you allows you to stay healthy, be comfortable and enjoy life. I hope you’re doing all of those.

    As for the writing, I enjoy reading this blog, and I’ll take a look at whatever you post, whenever you post it.

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      1. Glynis, I try to be nice to everyone. When I read blog posts, I can’t be sure what the writer is feeling. I tend to err on the side of “maybe this person could use a kind word.” That said, I don’t make stuff up to make someone feel better – everything I say is honest.

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  4. Blogging can be a tool to encourage writing like a WIP but if it distracts, I completely support your decision to minimize it. For me, it’s helped me find my voice. I didn’t even know I’d lost it until I started blogging!

    Congrats on the weight loss! So much is better when your body hits the right weight. I haven’t eaten dairy (except cheese) in a long time but always take calcium pills. My bone density is spot on (but I do have RA and AS so maybe a good bone density isn’t nearly enough). Yuck about the Osteo. It’s manageable, just life changes.

    Slow progress in your current WIP: You’re talking to a woman who took 25 years to write a book. You’re not slow yet!

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  5. I’ve started doing weekly accountability reports to one of my writer friends, and at about that same time, another friend from college asked me to join a FB group she stared where we will hold each other accountable for our writing. All progress is good, and our pace does not have to match another’s. For me, I have stopped setting word count goals. I just focus on butt in chair time, which right now is one hour a day or a total of five hours a week on creative writing.

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    1. I don’t have word-count goals either. I just don’t believe I do a good job of writing that way. I have my butt in the chair almost every day. Yesterday I didn’t for the first time in three weeks.


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