Goals & Quantum Notes

Well, I tried the random approach to publishing my posts. I don’t like it, not at all. Although I’ve been trying to write on my project without a schedule, taking it to my blog just isn’t working for me. Maybe it isn’t working for my WiP either and I’m just not ready to accept that in me.


Not long back I read an article about a theory that was supposed to help a person reach a goal that was deemed important. Seeing I do have an aspiration I want to attain, I was, obviously, interested. Aytekin Tank made two valid points about his take on this subject. His hypothesis was people should not discuss their goals with others if they want to be successful at reaching them.

He surmised that by verbalizing what you are trying to accomplish you would in up feeling you were closer to the finish than you actually were, therefore making you relax to the point where you lose motivation to complete your quest. Additionally, the discussion of your project/goal is going to create reactions from the people you convey this information to. In most likelihood, you will get praise for the effort you are telling them you are going to make or are in the process of making. According to Tank, you are most likely to feel you have already reached your goal and, as with the first point, lose your momentum in your struggle to finish.

Although I usually don’t discuss my goals—at least not in detail—my reasons are completely the opposite of the conclusions Tank came up with. I am a person of superstitions. If I want something to happen, I believe I should just get busy with the task of making it happen rather than talk it out with someone. I believe talking it out may very well put a jinx on the plan no matter how persevering I am. I’m more likely to lose confidence in my ability to achieve a goal if I say too much about it creative judgmental mistakes. Also, if I do not reach the finish line and don’t broadcasting the intentions I had, I have spared myself embarrassment and have sidestepped others’ disappointment in me.



I have come to the conclusion Halloween has lost its prominence, at least in most of the United States. It used to be kids were fired up weeks in advance, inspecting the candy aisle at the stores and talking about which houses gave the best treats. They were thinking up their costumes and pleading with their parents to either make it for them or buy it. When the day would finally arrive, they were all set for a rare day of fun at school and walking around their neighborhoods that evening dressed as witches, werewolves, princesses, knights, or even something more unusual.

These days the kids don’t get excited about the holiday. The candy displays at the store don’t get their attention. The school bus that drives down my street haul the kids to school in their regular clothes on that important day. No one is turning on the porch light that evening signifying they will open the door when someone knocks that evening because the kids won’t be out in force. The threat of rapists, poison, and other violence is so eminent now the children are either going to parties at the homes of their friends or are ignoring the holiday altogether. It’s a significant change of the times.

The day was traditional again this year, at least here in Tennessee. My husband and I went to his brother’s house where everyone seems to gather for this sort of stuff. I made my raspberry cranberry sauce jello and some Stove Top dressing to go with the turkey my nephew and wife were in charge of. My husband’s mom brought her famous green cottage cheese jello mold. My husband’s cousin and his wife brought authentic German dishes to share with the rest of us. There was a lot of chitchat and way too much eating going on.

At my mother’s home in Colorado, they had a non-traditional day. With my mom being 92, there wasn’t going to be any cooking done by her. My brother is a decent cook but he didn’t want the chore of cooking the turkey. Their solution: my brother had a pizza made at the deli of the local grocery store, whipped up a big toss salad, and bought some eclairs.

November has been a month of doctor appointments. If I have very many more of them I’m going to be able to tell you what shoe size each doctor wears.

Early in the month, I saw a gastroenterologist for my digestive issues. This invoked a preregistration at the outpatient clinics at the hospital so I could have a “procedure” done. In other words, the doctor wants to go poking around. About a week and a half later, I had the “procedure”. All it did was rule out cancer and any liver diseases and gave me a belly ache.

I went to the dentist for my six-month checkup on November 12th, I wasn’t able to see my regular dentist though. I like my dentist because he has slim artistic hands, which is easier to tolerate in the mouth. Also, he believes that less is always better in most cases when it comes to dental procedures. The dentist I got also had slim hands and fingers but, to tell the truth, I wasn’t as comfortable with him as I am with my regular dentist. There’s just something that clicks between us. I ended up having to go back to see that other dentist the next week to have two cavities filled. One side of my mouth is still tender from that. Yep, I definitely like my regular dentist better by far.

Tomorrow I have my first Osteoporosis shot—in the stomach. If done right, it won’t hurt any worse than the flu shot I had last month.

My current WiP is still at a sloth’s pace. I have, however, gotten past chapter one. As to be expected, finding the right words to express what I want each sentence to convey is my biggest problem. I know I shouldn’t be worried about this [just get the thing written], yet I can’t move forward until I have what I believe is the word that says what I want the reader to know.

Maybe it’s been a good thing that I haven’t gotten far into the story because I read a post at Fiction University entitled Goals, Conflicts, & Stakes: Why Plots Need All Three that made me realize I’m missing a goal. I have the story goal, which defines the internal journey of my protagonist but I don’t have a clear-cut plot goal [whatever the protagonist is trying to achieve on a conscious level]. What is this poor woman trying to attain that she doesn’t already have? I haven’t a clue. Until I get a firm idea of what my protagonist wants to gain in her real world, I’m going to have to put this WiP on a shelf. I have several other writing projects I can work on. No, I’m not even close to being ready to attack my first WiP for a rewrite. That first draft only touched the surface of the story and I don’t feel prepared to delve into it. The one I’ve picked to work on deals with mental illness. No, I don’t think it will be a thriller but I am keeping this notion handy in case I change my mind.


How has your November gone so far?

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness


15 thoughts on “Goals & Quantum Notes

    1. I’m hoping what I have recently learned will help me make more progress in my writing endeavors. I’m hoping too that December is a quieter month. I know that sounds ludicrous but it may turn out the way I want.

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  1. It is interesting to read that maybe it isn’t too helpful to talk about what you’re working on at the moment as it give you a sense of false motivation. With creative projects sometimes there is no deadline and you really don’t know how long you will take. Personally I don’t like talking in-depth about what I’m working on, just saying I’m working on it and giving myself no expectations.

    Hope the next time round you get to visit your usual dentist 🙂

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  2. I like your observations on Halloween. I think it holds true for other holidays as well. I think the anticipation is gone because we can’t keep it up through the time the retailers want the season to cover.

    I don’t talk about writing goals, more for the reasons you mention than the scientific ones. Also, I don’t want the input, in general, to an idea that isn’t fully fleshed out in my mind.

    It’s a busy time of year at work and at home. I hope we can all slow down, relax and focus on the goals we have. Good luck with your writing, Glynis.

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  3. Lots to comment on, Glynis. You’ve had a busy month.

    I agree about Halloween. We had only one group come by. It used to be constant. I don’t mind. I don’t like opening the door to strangers anymore. Thanksgiving–we were untraditional, too. We had prime rib, deviled eggs, ham roll-ups, and no dessert. My daughter was on a diet so this worked for everyone.

    Goals–I sometimes think by sharing your goals, you’re committing to them more firmly. Otherwise, when people ask how you’re doing, you have to admit you quit. Who likes to quit!

    Good to hear from you. I like hearing how everything is going!

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    1. I know a number of writers feel like you do about sharing goals, making you feel more accountable for reaching them. I beat up on myself enough for everyone so I’d rather not at to that feeling.

      I like of like doing this once a month recount of what I’ve been doing. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Jacqui. 🙂


  4. You’ve got a lot going on. I’m split on whether I share goals or not. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Writing goals I tend to keep in my mind, but projects that involve others – like some of my woodworking – I will share.

    Take care.

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    1. Andrew, maybe there’s something about writing that just feels more personal, closer to the heart that makes us want to keep it to ourselves.

      I’m glad you share your woodworking. I share those post with my husband hoping to inspire him to do woodworking for me. 😛

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  5. Lots of things going in November Glynis! 🙂

    I don’t tend to discuss my goals that much either. If I mention them to my closer relatives or friends, they are usually very vague and I don’t go into details. I sort of agree with what Tank says, I feel like if I tell too much about them, I sort of lose the momentum and acquire a fake feeling that I’m already achieving them or I relax in the idea.
    And I wouldn’t like people constantly asking me about where I am with my goals.
    For instance, for writing, some people know that I write but I haven’t told them much about what exactly and what are my specific goals in writing. Some of them might not realize that I have a novel in mind and that I want to publish someday, they probably think that I only write for myself. But I think this is a personal choice, and I can definitely see your point of view too.

    Anyway, glad to hear back from you again and don’t worry about finding the goal of the plot in your WiP, don’t force it, it will come the moment you least expect. And as you mention, a good idea could be to leave the project for a while and work on the others at the moment.

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    1. Carla, I was having that problem with my mom, of all people. I told her what my WiP was about [generally] and all of a sudden she was asking about it every time I talked to her, driving me crazy. O_o


  6. I learned how to make strategic goals in a business mentoring class that I took. We have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. In order to achieve them, they need to be revisited on a regular basis, and we also need to hold ourselves accountable for meeting them. It can be so easy to let them slide.

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