Expectations and Boredom

Thinking back on this past May when the northern hemisphere was enthusiastic with life, color, fresh warm air, and everything else spring had to offer, I remember how jubilant I felt about my writing. Yet, at first, during those days, I was wrestling with how to go about the process of writing.

Being on a fixed income isn’t fun, which I’m quite sure most of you can empathize with. The number of people not struggling with finances these days is small, indeed. It would be marvelous if I had the money to buy the Scrivener software program but I’m certain it will never happen. And, who’s to say I absolutely needed the program anyway?

I found another software program that seems to work well for me and, of course, is free. No, it isn’t yWriter, which I would say is a good program. This new one is called SmartEdit Writer. I’ve switched to it for the reason that I can have my manuscript open while also having notes and images open at the same time and see all of it. I don’t have to switch tabs as often anymore—an ugly distraction for me. I know some writers who use two computers to solve the problem of “seeing it all”. This program alleviates that dilemma.

With this new software on my screen, I thought my summer days would be full of creativity and productivity. And, for the most part, I have gotten a fair amount of writing in despite the disruptions of my husband’s chatter, the obnoxious phone calls [maybe at some point I’ll write about these], and the alleged needs of three certain cats.

Still and all, the last couple of weeks have been rather grueling writing-wise. The expected momentum when I bring up the software program and begin to type has been dwindling. My motivation seems to be fragile now. The writing sessions are becoming more tedious and my productivity is waning.

I have found myself gazing out the window speculating on when the season is going to change. There was a time, far back in my past when nothing but summer was in my thoughts. I could always find something interesting to do during those days of brilliant sunshine and glorious nights. I guess I’m not that person anymore. Although the writing has been good for the last three months, I do wonder now if it was because of the season or if it was something else, maybe my own determination to do something about that first draft I did five years ago.

If it’s the latter, what’s with me feeling impassive now? It could be that characters not connected to this WiP are flitting around in my head along with settings that would never fit into the current draft I’m working on. It is nice to know that I have another story idea buzzing in my head though.

Secondly, my digestive system is still a plight, though not as often or as severe. I haven’t written about this since February. I live with new norms now. All part of getting older, I guess.

I probably should be grateful this respite isn’t writer’s block. So far [knock on wood] I haven’t had a big bout of that. Maybe what I need is a day trip. You know, doing something else that won’t allow for any feelings of guilt, boredom, or anxiety. 😉

Do you ever go through phases like this?

“I really think I write about everyday life. I don’t think I’m quite as odd as others say I am. Life is intrinsically, well, boring and dangerous at the same time. At any given moment the floor may open up. Of course, it almost never does; that’s what makes it so boring.” 
― Edward Gorey

18 thoughts on “Expectations and Boredom

  1. I identify most with “alleged needs of three certain cats,” although we only have two cats, we add in a dog. Life does tend to get in the way sometimes. I do like day trips to derail the train of thought, to spark new ideas and to de-clutter the mind. The seasons change, but, at least up here, they aren’t bringing us the changes we’ve been used to.

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    1. I long to be on the upper peninsula of Michigan again where there’s dramatic change between the seasons. It’s about even with Maine horizontally on the map. Andrew, just above you in this comment section, suggested going to a book store. That may get my motivation going again.

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  2. I totally go through those phases Glynis! It’s totally normal. In those situations, I try to take a break, do a small trip, visit somebody or just go out for a walk (which I now try to do more often). It also helps to change your writing location. I know the ideal would be to have your own desk, your own space, but sometimes just going somewhere else in the house, to the garden or to a coffee shop just to write definitely helps.

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    1. I do have my only corner where my desk, chair, and PC [desktop] is. But it does get mundane there. I do have a laptop too that I keep in the bedroom. For the longest time, it just sat there closed up. I am starting to use it more. Getting used to the keyboard has been a struggle. And the mouse I use with it is jumpy. As I get used to these things, I use this laptop more frequently.

      I do think I need a day trip yo someplace though.


  3. I don’t have that much. Mostly, I get annoyed by necessary breaks like walking the dog or doctor appoints. I know the annoyance of ‘tab distraction’. That’s why I got my second screen. And then my third.

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    1. It would be nice to have that 2nd screen. Unfortunately, my desk isn’t big enough to handle it. That’s why I like this SmartEdit Writer. It helps with this “tab distraction” problem.


  4. I think it’s good and healthy to get up from the computer desk and take a walk or do some stretches. My own dream workspace would include a second monitor but that isn’t going to happen on my desk. So I can daydream while I work – or walk.

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    1. Shari, our mutual friend, Jacqui Murray has that 2nd monitor. Of course, she has the desk for it too. Unfortunately, neither of us have that luxury. Such is life. I walk lapses inside the house almost every day to get exercise. Usually, I do 15 to 30 of them. It really isn’t as much as it sounds. I live in a 3-bedroom ranch-style house. I was referring more to getting away from the house and doing something that would take my mind off of writing.

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  5. This phase sounds familiar to me. There’ll be times when I sit down to start something with a lot of enthusiasm and over time, say a few months later, that enthusiasm dwindles but I still keep writing – and it is a bit of a slog then. I find a change of scenery or place usually doesn’t do me good. Say if I go out for a short walk I might end up walking for the rest of the day, checking things out a long the way. If I force myself to stay in and write, I might not have inspiration the whole day…until the very last hour. Annoying, but inspiration is inspiration.

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    1. Mabel, both of us seem to have this problem. Life is like this sometimes though and I have to remind myself of this fact. So far I’ve been able to come back to the writing the next day. As long as I can do that, I won’t worry about my motivation too much.

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