First Posts

First posts are the most difficult to write. At least, that’s what my opinion is.

I’ve had several blogs in the past at various blog hosting sites. With each one, deciding on what to write and what voice to use in that first piece has always been mind-wrenching for me. Do I introduce myself? Do I give a general description of what I was to convey in the blog as time goes on? Or would it be better if I just start with an article as if I’ve had this blog for a while?

I’ve done the first post in all the ways I mentioned above. After mulling over these questions for a while, I’ve decided to tell you about why I’ve chosen to readdress my readers here at WordPress as if I was starting a new blog. So try to think of this as a first post. Seeing it’s the beginning of a new year, you should be able to think of this as at least a new post of a new year. Right?

This blog has been dormant for three months. In the past, it’s been all about writing. In fact, my entire existence in the blogosphere was overwhelmed with the writing craft. My intention was to use the blog as a sort of journal in hopes of finding spontaneous help for my Works-in-Progress and my skills in the field. It didn’t turn out as well as I had anticipated. Still, during the time I’ve had this blog [roughly five years], I have learned some valuable information about writing and the online writing community.

But as I stated, my blog was overrun with text about writing, its struggles, and my ineptitude in the endeavor of writing. Because I can’t consider myself an expert in this field [not by a long shot], my blog had become prosaic at best. The blog had become so acutely focused on the craft, I could almost see the knots of tangles forming, sending my blog into a deep black hole of boredom. I went back and read a few of the posts other day and almost put myself to sleep. Sure, I could rework them and I might just do that, but not right now.

WordPress.Com has been my favorite blogging host/platform for many years. They have beautiful themes, some that are free and most of them flexible in design. I don’t think I’ve even had a technical issue with the site in all that time, although if I did, it must have been solved easily because I don’t remember it. Most of the bloggers I know are either at WordPress.Com or are using the company’s software at another site. No, I didn’t pay for any of the bells or whistles like some have done. I haven’t felt the need to.

Recently, WordPress.Com has changed. The newer themes don’t have the flexibility the older ones have. They are trying to con me into paying for what I have gotten for free for all these years. The navigation throughout the site was exasperating at first. What was wrong with the way they used to have it?

I went in search of another free blog hosting site. It felt, for a while, I had found a home at Bloggers but ended up having multitudes of problems with themes, layouts, and Feedburner. I also took a peek at LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. Talk about restrictive!

I went back to WordPress and strolled through all the free themes they had that I could get to. Yes, that’s right. There are themes I am not allowed to use because of when I signed up for my blog. From what I understand [which may be very little], all members of WordPress.Com are having to put up with this. Anyway, I settled on an old theme, which is what you are observing right now.

My passion is still writing so expect the topic to be visited regularly. But, believe me, it won’t be the only one. I am hoping that some readers gracing this blog will give me some ideas for articles. Will you be one of them?



~ Happy New Year! ~

[Yes, I know I’m a little late.]

If you’re not following this blog, I hope you will consider it. [You can subscribe up above in the sidebar.]

19 thoughts on “First Posts

  1. I also spent some time researching different platforms, and the verdict was the same… restrictions galore. WordPress has a huge user base, and is easy to use (in spite of the wonky “blocks” thing) so here I am! As for topic ideas, this year I started sharing my experiences with gaming, along with my books and audio stuff. Let’s see where it goes. Good luck and happy new year to you too!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Darius. I’m not all that happy with the “block thing” either. I read your first piece for 2020. How do you think you’ll do with the audio work of your blog? I’m not even going to try to do audio. I don’t want to put my voice in the mix.

      Just to let you know, despite living in Tennessee right now, I’m a native of Denver. It’s way too expensive to live there anymore. Still, often I miss straightforwardness of the people there.


      1. Audio comes with a “premium” WordPress account, and this year I decided to bite the bullet and pay for it. Hopefully not a waste of money, but only time will tell. As for Denver, it’s my favorite place in the world! I’m originally from Boston and have lived in a few different countries, but for some reason Denver has always felt like home to me. Recent developments are making living conditions tough for a lot of good people, though. I can’t say I’m happy to see that.

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  2. Glynis, you’ve always been much more efficient with WordPress than I. I can do basic things but you’re very creative. I don’t resent WP for trying to get us to pay for their service – why should they offer it free? Why should anyone work for free? At any rate, I also don’t pay for the upgraded WP, and I don’t fuss with backgrounds or options.
    I also don’t have many followers, and I suspect this is somewhat due to not being able to take advantage of WP options that would get me more showtime with readers. I have very few followers, and considering how much time I’ve spent writing posts, I’ve concluded that I’m getting out of WP what I’m putting into it.Nothing. This is my fault, not anyone else’s.
    I’m still writing but not sure if I’ll ever publish. Who will read my books?
    So I’m afraid I have nothing to offer you except to say that this article is well written. You’ve done well expressing your frustration with the process and the various methods to communicate. I think you’re on the right creative track and I wish you success.

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    1. Hello Shari.

      I don’t mind WP trying to get money out of me, although they probably will always fail at that as far as I’m concerned. However, I wish they’d be straightforward about what is free and what isn’t when starting a new blog.

      I know that part of the problem concerning the number of followers a blogger has is writing what the audience wants. Let’s face it, my whining and complaining all the time is not what any audience wants. Another problem is promoting the blog. I refuse to open another account at Facebook because of all the nastiness that goes on at the site. That means I lose out on some good face time.

      I’m not sure if I’ll ever publish any of my works either. The process of publishing doesn’t scare me. At least, not yet. My hangup is the revisions.

      Anyway, I hope you have a marvelous year. 🙂

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  3. I’ve been considering changing my blog to another free wordpress theme for ages, but can’t find one I really like and so it goes on! No, I don’t want to pay for a theme upgrade – not at this time, anyway, and would be nervous of things not converting over properly, as I am not techy savvy. But having said all this, the day will probably come! I enjoyed this post for reflecting back to me my own frustrations and ambivalences! Happy new year to you, Glynis :>)

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    1. Lynne, I didn’t even consider the problem with converting. Another reason not to go with an upgrade. As for the themes offered at WP, I’m extremely fickle when is comes to the appearance of my blog. I can’t seem to find that lasting satisfaction with any I use. Such is life. 😉

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      1. The topic of confidence is a vast one. I thought I might get ideas on how to boost my own. On the other hand, there are so many topics worth exploring. I’ll still with you while you mull over your options. Whatever you decide, I’ll be there.


  4. Jacqui Murray

    If it’s the new Gutenberg thing that annoys you (and me), there’s a plug-in you can add that allows you to blog the usual way. I use it all the time.

    I hope you continue your writing thoughts. I always find them fresh and informative. You’re kind of like Everyman.

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  5. From what I’ve read at the WP site, a person has to have the business upgrade to use the plugins offered. I am able to get to the original text editor and other tools that have always been available through the original dashboard. I just don’t understand why there had been so many changes at WP. Most of them are worse than what they had before.


  6. I don’t know why I missed the notification for this post. I enjoyed reading your re-introduction. I’ve always enjoyed your posts, and I’m looking forward to the new beginning. The changes at WP seem to be aimed at attracting more business customers (offering the features they demand) and appealing to a younger crowd working off mobile devices. I’m fine with both of those goals, but I think they could remember the people who helped make them the #1 platform. As you know, I have been trying to solve some nagging problems with the new Block Editor. A year ago when I raised questions, they tried to help, and even directed me to some of the development forums. This year, they are basically telling me I shouldn’t want these features, I should change the way I write. It’s frustrating.

    Good luck with the new approach.

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      1. Ha ha – that’s what we need. The support rep actually said, “maybe you should write shorter captions.” He /she (chat) said “indenting is a print press thing, not an online thing.”

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  7. WordPress and change are synonymous, they are always making changes and the upgrades aren’t always good. There are also limitations which can be frustrating. They should stick to the old adage, ‘if ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’

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    1. Luciana, what I think has happened with WordPress.Com is they are trying to appeal to a younger generation who’s basic education is quite different from ours. However, I’m with you on the old adage.

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