Doesn’t Fit Anymore

My public blog here at WordPress (A Scripted Maze) has gone through a few changes during its life. Okay, if you count the design changes, there been more than I can remember. At any rate, this blog’s focus has been the same for over five years, the fictional writing life. And it hasn’t been a happy blog either.

At the beginning, I thought I could get through the strives of writing by exposing them to the world at large via the internet. I must have been the biggest nitwit around. Writing is one of those activities a person has to love and be passionate about in order to tolerate all the struggles that are naturally a part of it. The frustration and heartache do not go away, not even temporarily. To write about them in hopes of making them vanish is absurd. The only thing all the writing on this narrow subject had done was make me appear to be a crank looking for a way to write without any persistence. It took me four years to get this through my thick skull.

In addition to this lesson that was so difficult for me to grasp, I took the same amount of time to acknowledge that I am terrible at writing fiction. Stubbornness is a good trait to have usually. It can stop you from throwing in the towel when facing obstacles that can be dealt with just by putting in some effort. However, you have to have some intuition about when the stubbornness isn’t serving any purpose. My intuition must have been on the fritz because I went way beyond the usefulness of relentlessness. This isn’t to say I’m giving up serious writing. I’ve just had to pick a different trail to trek in the field.

Some nonfictional writers choose memoirs as their genre to write. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to discuss myself that freely in print. Even my husband says I’m an exceedingly private person. Others take on the cold hard facts of reporter journalism. I may try my hand at this if I find some situations that warrant the story being told. What I find stimulating in the nonfiction category is column and editorial journalism and essays. In all three cases, I can have opinions galore and I don’t have to worry so much about my perception.

As I began mulling over the idea of switching to nonfiction at the first of this year, my energy level bolted upward. At first, I thought it was just that I was having some healthy days, which I haven’t had too many of lately. Eventually, I realized I was having a psychosomatic reaction to the change I was making. This was a rare phenomenon for me. Usually if I have a psychosomatic reaction, it’s a negative one due to my General Anxiety Disorder.

In an attempt to alter and raise my overall focus on the craft of writing, I’m ending this blog and taking the plunge into a new blog here at WordPress. Actually I’m using a blog I’ve been keeping private for years. It’s coming out from the rafters and it, at this very minute, live. I’ve even transported the two blog post on this blog for January over to it because they’re in line with my new niche. I would have considered a truly new blog but WordPress is pushing for new blogs to be at the level of paid ones. Sorry WordPress, I just don’t have the money for that.

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“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

― Lao Tzu

20 thoughts on “Doesn’t Fit Anymore

  1. Jacqui Murray

    I understand that, Glynis. I have three blogs, each for different ideas. I didn’t know about the change made for new ones. Hmm…

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    1. WordPress.Com will still let people have a free blog, but they’re really pushing the paid space and gadgets. They’re just trying to make some more bucks is all.

      I hope you’ll follow my new blog while this one collects dust.

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  2. Though I don’t think you should give up fiction writing, I understand the ups and downs. It’s not easy. I wish you every luck and success with your new direction, Glynis. I’ll definitely be following 😀

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    1. Thanks, Luciana. 😀

      I was feeling so bogged down while trying to write fiction. Being away from it just this short time has boosted my energy. I may go back to it someday though. I have it stuck in a folder marked “not in use”.

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  3. I’ve got you on your new blog. Thinking you’re being a bit hard on yourself, but good for you for following what’s true for you and for honestly sharing it. You are so right about what it all takes, and the hard road has to have the joys too :>)

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    1. From what I have read, many writers are hard on themselves, so I guess I’m just one of the crowd. Anyway, by changing my path, there’s a good possibility that I’ll ease up on the criticism and give myself a few kudos. 😛

      Thank you for following my new blog. ❤

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  4. It’s been a pleasure following you on your fiction writing journey on here, Glynis. I followed your new blog and looking forward to connecting over there. I think as a writer, it can be hard to change what we write if we’ve been writing a certain genre for so long. When I first started writing non-fiction, it was mainly academic inclined. When I started my blog, I gradually transitioned to a more casual, observant tone. It took a while to get there. At the end of the day, if you write what you enjoy, you’ll find your niche.


  5. Mabel, thank you for following this blog for so long. I’ve really appreciated the comments you’ve given. And thank you for following my new blog. I hope when you see I need instruction, you’ll have some for me in the comment section.


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