Story First & Quantum Notes

As I wrote this entry, I pondered briefly about how many people would read this seeing that tomorrow is New Year's Eve. Maybe you’ll just let it sit until January 2nd and, then, read it, which would be fine by me. Or maybe you’re taking a leisurely weekend and would read it as soon as … Continue reading Story First & Quantum Notes


I’m Back (I think)

I wasn’t intending to be gone for so long. My original plan was to use the month of February to get a better handle on one or two of my writing projects. I got very little done in the way of writing. The first week of last month I tried to work on a second … Continue reading I’m Back (I think)

Twists on Style and Technique

I’m smack dab in the middle of The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford, a thrilling suspense of a woman who is bipolar. The story is good, no doubt about it, but that’s not what I’m writing about in this post. After all, I haven’t finished reading it. Second, I’m the worst at writing reviews. [Makes … Continue reading Twists on Style and Technique