I would have had this post done and live this morning but until that moment earlier today, I hadn’t firmly decided what I was going to do. I’ve been floundering with my writing for some time now. It hasn’t been just a struggle like so many writers face. My writing has reached the depths of … Continue reading Pausing


The Practice of Meditation

Last Friday I sent my newsletter out just as I have every last Friday of the current month since I started the publication. However, the thirty-first of this month is today, which means its link is not in the sidebar of the last newsletter. It is out of sync, somewhat. I will include it in … Continue reading The Practice of Meditation

Mental Illness in Fiction

As I inchmeal along in my WiP, I feel a compelling allurement to the general theme of my story, namely how mental illness affects a person’s life. It may seem simple at first. Reality gets distorted. That answers the what, but how about the how, why, and when? We may know people who battle these … Continue reading Mental Illness in Fiction

Maybe Self-Doubt isn’t Bad

As of late, I’ve been coming across hoards of articles about how we should feel about ourselves. Writers are telling me in their blog posts about how to somehow feel marvelous when I’m writing, no matter where I am in my WiP, no matter what obstacles I’m facing. Feel-good web sites are giving me advice … Continue reading Maybe Self-Doubt isn’t Bad

Describing the Doubt and Fear

After reading Phoebe Quinn’s post at A Writing Path, I began to question how much effort I’m really putting into my writing. Her article wasn’t about effort, but somehow it triggered those types of thoughts in me. Do I give it my all? Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying I’ve been expecting great … Continue reading Describing the Doubt and Fear

Am I afraid?

I’m not a “fraidicat” by nature. I walk up to strangers and say hello. I’ll scream out about injustice to anyone who will listen. I’m the first one to stand before my opponent. Yet, I look at what I've written, knowing certainly that it’s not meant for anyone else’s eyes--not yet--maybe never. The irony is … Continue reading Am I afraid?

#weekendcoffeeshare: Surmise of Life and Death

Diana at Part Time Monster hosts a weekly link-up, where you can submit a link to your post and browse everything else that’s been submitted, or you can use the #weekendcoffeeshare hashtag on Twitter or Facebook. If we were to have coffee, I’d want it to be at a quaint coffee shop. It would be … Continue reading #weekendcoffeeshare: Surmise of Life and Death