I would have had this post done and live this morning but until that moment earlier today, I hadn’t firmly decided what I was going to do. I’ve been floundering with my writing for some time now. It hasn’t been just a struggle like so many writers face. My writing has reached the depths of … Continue reading Pausing


Firefox Quantum? I Don’t Think So.

These months that have five Thursdays in them put me in a predicament of sorts. What do I write about that I haven’t even touched on before? On the other hand, what do I really have to complain about? There are bloggers who find something to write about every day of each week of the … Continue reading Firefox Quantum? I Don’t Think So.

Twists on Style and Technique

I’m smack dab in the middle of The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford, a thrilling suspense of a woman who is bipolar. The story is good, no doubt about it, but that’s not what I’m writing about in this post. After all, I haven’t finished reading it. Second, I’m the worst at writing reviews. [Makes … Continue reading Twists on Style and Technique

Influenced Concepts

...the first step in creativity is not focusing on goals but letting go of them. Being open and aimless. Forgetting preconceived notions. Jill Jepson Are any of my ideas original thought? Or have I been deluding myself? Some time ago, I was receiving Jill Jepson’s newsletter in my email inbox twice a month. I unsubscribed … Continue reading Influenced Concepts

Sending Out the Wrong Vibes

I guess I’m not paying adequate attention to the impression I throw out to people. I’m not sure when the inappropriate signals started spurting out from me though. It might have begun over twenty-five years ago. Or it could have been as little as eight years ago. One thing is for sure though. I’ve gotten … Continue reading Sending Out the Wrong Vibes

#weekendcoffeeshare: Crazy for Color

Diana at Part Time Monster hosts a weekly link-up, where you can submit a link to your post and browse everything else that’s been submitted, or you can use the #weekendcoffeeshare hashtag on Twitter or Facebook. We’re back at the coffee shop this week. Sorry Jacqui, want my flavored creamer. Besides, it isn’t the hot … Continue reading #weekendcoffeeshare: Crazy for Color

Barriers of Good Intentions

The last few weeks I've been fumbling and thrashing with pretty much my entire life. In short, I've been flat-out dissatisfied with how most things are progressing, if they’re moving forward at all. I would think that the warmer months would have put me in high gear, making leaps and bounds in whatever I’d pursue. … Continue reading Barriers of Good Intentions

The Prestige of the Writer

Writers are the same as everyone else. Some of us are wall flowers; others are attention mongers; and there are, of course, the ones in between. Some are straight-laced; others are totally off the wall; and, then like the majority of any group, there are the ones who arise to the occasion as needed. I’ve … Continue reading The Prestige of the Writer