#takeonnews: Losing Self

Have you ever found yourself feeling so out of sync with the world that you entertain the thought “you’ve lost yourself”? I thought I had periods like that in my past, especially right after I had the stroke. However, what I was actually experiencing was being too much inside myself to have a normal perception … Continue reading #takeonnews: Losing Self


#takeonnews: New York isn’t the Only Place

The other day I read an article in Harper’s Magazine about how New York has changed. As New York enters the third decade of the twenty-first century, it is in imminent danger of becoming something it has never been before: unremarkable. It is approaching a state where it is no longer a significant cultural entity … Continue reading #takeonnews: New York isn’t the Only Place

#takeonnews: Accuracy and Integrity

Even though I have a Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest account, and have recently sworn off Facebook, I have a hard time getting the jest of social media sites in general. Yes, I’ll agree that even having a blog is somewhat a part of the social media craze, although I personally think of my blog as more … Continue reading #takeonnews: Accuracy and Integrity

#takeonnews: Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD]

Even though I’ve been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and wouldn’t even consider going off my medication, I have doubts about some of the syndromes and disorders that are talked about in the psychiatric field. I question how far they go to find something wrong with a patient. I question whether there is actually something … Continue reading #takeonnews: Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD]

#takeonnews: Trolling

With Halloween less than a week away, when I read the article about internet trolls at Grammarly’s blog, I thought it was work a jaunt through a bit of research. Trolls are part of Halloween, right? § Internet Troll: a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting … Continue reading #takeonnews: Trolling

#takeonnews: The Harrowing D Word

The harrowing D word is death. From what I have observed, most people can get themselves to say the word but only in the appropriate circumstances and in hushed voices. I can only hypothesize these people think of death as unsettling and, maybe, even deranged. …we can lessen our fear of dying by living a … Continue reading #takeonnews: The Harrowing D Word