#thepersonalside: On the Homefront

In past years, my husband and I had been giving our home a lick and a promise most of the time. It hasn’t been just the cleaning either. We neglected to keep track of repairs and upgrades too. I hate to admit it but some of this was due to laziness. However, a larger part … Continue reading #thepersonalside: On the Homefront


#writerslife: Printers are a Pain!

I was going to write about something personal using the hashtag, #thepersonalside, but I’m not quite ready to tell you about the goings-on husband and I are trying to accomplish. Maybe next week. So, this week I’m using the hashtag, #writerslife. 🙂 § I’ve been missing one piece of equipment to finish the rewrite/revision of … Continue reading #writerslife: Printers are a Pain!