I See Them at Twilight

Not quite two months ago, I wrote a post about not seeing fireflies. It wasn’t even two weeks later that I finally saw one… well, much more than one. Where they had been for the past four years is still a mystery. There’s a good possibility that I just wasn’t looking for them at the … Continue reading I See Them at Twilight


Meet My Best Buddy – Comparison Approach

LifeWrite's third module teaches how to use comparisons to describe something. At first I thought this would be relatively simple, yet after thinking about it for a while, I've realized that this lesson was as tough, if not tougher, than the previous one, Dinner with the Family. Nevertheless, this should be an interesting one. My … Continue reading Meet My Best Buddy – Comparison Approach

Disability – What’s the Big Deal?

This post is for the fifth module of the e-course, LifeWrite, I've been taking. This is called the persuasive approach. According to statistics, 13% to 20% of the population in the United States is classified as being disabled [www.GetRiil.org].  Now you should take into consideration that this percentage is from the U.S. Census Bureau in … Continue reading Disability – What’s the Big Deal?

Sorting People Out – Classification Approach

Shery, the operator and owner of Write Bliss, where I found this e-course, LifeWrite, wants me to do some descriptive writing, classifying a group of people. In her article for the fourth module, she states that everything is classified in life. It’s our way, as humans, to understand the world around us. For my exercise, … Continue reading Sorting People Out – Classification Approach