#amwriting: Getting Out of a Dither

I usually use the hashtag, #writingcraft for my first post of the month. Be that as it may, I found the hashtag, #amwriting a little more appropriate for the subject this time. You may not think so at first but please bear with me. § As I’ve told you, I’ve been taking a free online … Continue reading #amwriting: Getting Out of a Dither


#writingcraft: Beginning Again

I know. It’s December, the month of a zillion holidays, events, and headaches. Yet, yes, I am beginning again. It was in September of 2014 when I had my crude draft done on my first novel, my only novel so far --- maybe my only one ever. I tried several times to get into that … Continue reading #writingcraft: Beginning Again

Disenchanted with My Scribble

It must have been before Christmas, maybe even before Thanksgiving that I became unbelievably cynical about my abilities as a writer. I suppose many writers go through this at least once during their serious endeavors in the craft, but it’s a poignant thing to experience nevertheless. The words had been sticking in the most unfortunate … Continue reading Disenchanted with My Scribble