Accepting Age

According to AARP, I’ve been a senior citizen for eleven years. If you look at my family tree, however, you’d probably consider giving me nine more years or more before attaching “old” or “elderly” to my list of traits. Age is subjective. You need something to compare your discovery with in order the determine the … Continue reading Accepting Age


Theme? Plot?

About fifteen years ago, I took a mail-order course from Writer’s Digest. I wanted to write short stories for magazines but was unsure of my abilities. There wasn’t any place in the text books, letters, or worksheets where the words theme or plot were mentioned. I know, kind of weird coming from Writer’s Digest. The … Continue reading Theme? Plot?

Meet My Best Buddy – Comparison Approach

LifeWrite's third module teaches how to use comparisons to describe something. At first I thought this would be relatively simple, yet after thinking about it for a while, I've realized that this lesson was as tough, if not tougher, than the previous one, Dinner with the Family. Nevertheless, this should be an interesting one. My … Continue reading Meet My Best Buddy – Comparison Approach