#writerslife: Reuniting with Creativity

Approximately a year ago I began feverishly reading blog posts, articles, and books about writing. I had been reading them before but not with the conviction that I  procured last spring. During that summer I felt I was gaining knowledge about the craft and how to work better through the writing process. I was reading … Continue reading #writerslife: Reuniting with Creativity


I’m Back (I think)

I wasn’t intending to be gone for so long. My original plan was to use the month of February to get a better handle on one or two of my writing projects. I got very little done in the way of writing. The first week of last month I tried to work on a second … Continue reading I’m Back (I think)

Influenced Concepts

...the first step in creativity is not focusing on goals but letting go of them. Being open and aimless. Forgetting preconceived notions. Jill Jepson Are any of my ideas original thought? Or have I been deluding myself? Some time ago, I was receiving Jill Jepson’s newsletter in my email inbox twice a month. I unsubscribed … Continue reading Influenced Concepts