#thepersonalside: Distressful Suspicions

When I was a child, I was fortunate enough to be able to trust almost everyone I knew. I did not hide secrets from my parents. I, readily, owned up to anything I did wrong, whether it be a mistake or from mischief. Sure, I had to face the consequences for whatever I do or … Continue reading #thepersonalside: Distressful Suspicions


An Outlet of Grief

I have been one of those people who thought I was always going to handle the loss of a loved one the same way no matter who the person was. Sure, there would be different degrees of grief depending on how close I felt to the person while he or she was alive but I … Continue reading An Outlet of Grief

Is Writing a Lonely Venture?

I read a blog post last week that discussed the isolation associated with the craft of writing. (I can’t remember which blog it was now. If you do, please forward the URL.) The supposition was most writers are introverts at some level. Sitting alone to write page after page isn’t the sort of activity that, … Continue reading Is Writing a Lonely Venture?