#amwriting: Contentment of Writing

It was a week and a half ago that I opened my email inbox and clicked on the link to a post at Nilichoanika’s blog, My writing space. I had written about my writing spot in the past, so was curious to find out how hers was laid out. As I read her words, I … Continue reading #amwriting: Contentment of Writing


Influenced Concepts

...the first step in creativity is not focusing on goals but letting go of them. Being open and aimless. Forgetting preconceived notions. Jill Jepson Are any of my ideas original thought? Or have I been deluding myself? Some time ago, I was receiving Jill Jepson’s newsletter in my email inbox twice a month. I unsubscribed … Continue reading Influenced Concepts

Music Fascination Exonerated – Part 3

Have you read the first and second part of this series? Music Fascination Exonerated – Part 1 | Music Fascination Exonerated – Part 2 Mr. Avery’s after-school music class didn’t last long. If I remember right, it didn’t even last a month. There just weren’t enough students interested to make it worthwhile. I wasn’t all … Continue reading Music Fascination Exonerated – Part 3