#thepersonalside: Mid-Year Wrap-Up

There are events in my life I’ve begun to tell you, my online cronies, but I haven’t followed through with what has transpired. I’ve either decided the occurrence was too drab compared to what is probably going on in your lives or I thought it might be deemed imprudent. The latter is probably unlikely but … Continue reading #thepersonalside: Mid-Year Wrap-Up


#writerslife: Writing and Exercise

This is my first post in this category, #writerslife, and it took me a while to think of something I thought was worthwhile to discuss on this page. Then I came across an article at the CNN site written by Susan Scutti that addressed the effects on the body that sitting for long periods of … Continue reading #writerslife: Writing and Exercise

#weekendcoffeeshare: New Momentum Tactics

The Daily Post sponsors the #weekendcoffeeshare. If this is something you’d like to do, whether it be weekly like it’s supposed to be or the way I do it, once a month. You can get the lowdown about it at the link above. [Your dialogue is in purple.] [My dialogue is in teal.] § If … Continue reading #weekendcoffeeshare: New Momentum Tactics