Mucking Up the Works

Mucking Up the Works
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As is with most of us, I get fascinated by the all the different trappings computers have these days. The technology is supposed to make our lives easier, right? I admit that in several ways it does. However, many of the additives I’m coming across are pretty much worthless. And not every app or extension is compatible with other applications and programs installed on my computer.

This last week I got fed up with Mozilla’s Firefox. The thing kept freezing and crashing. Supposedly, it was all because of the program, Shockwave by Adobe. I don’t know if this is true or not. All I know is that my Firefox browser was freezing and crashing at least once a day. I do 99% of my research for my book online. Having this problem reoccurring time after time is infuriating. I’ll be on a map page studying where businesses are in a town when in a split second, the entire window with the browser freezes. I tried all sort of weird maneuvers trying to get to get some action on the screen. Even the mouse will freeze. Often, I’ve had the shut down the computer and start it up again.

I let this bedevilment go on for a few days. When the browser would crash, a box would pop up from Mozilla apologizing and asking for feedback. Dutifully and with a little exuberance, I would put my two cents in and send it on it’s way. After four days though, I decided Mozilla had screwed around so much with their product they had made it a complete disaster. Time to switch to one of the other browsers.

I had tried Chrome before, but I found it was impossible to know which apps and extensions to add that were right for my use of the Internet. Nevertheless, on Saturday I downloaded and installed the program hoping I was smarter this time, or Google had made it simpler. The darn thing was slower than mud if I used more than one tab. In addition, the apps and extensions are more ludicrous than they were before. For example: you can download an app or extension for email, download another one for a calendar, and download still another one for an address book that has more than the email address. Yet, try to find an app or extension that will do all three (other than Gmail), you probably won’t find one, or if you do, it’s taken you half of your day. Apparently I’m not smarter and Google is still full of thoughts about owning all of technology and trying to dupe everyone. Time to find another browser.

Seeing that I have Windows, Internet Explorer is already installed. I clicked on the icon and began using multiple tabs to test it. The one drawback is I have to apply my bookmarks manually to this browser. It doesn’t play well with others, I guess. I’ve had four tabs going at the same time with the performance of the browser still staying fast and clear. Once in a great while, the browser would hide for just a second while it was loading a page into another tab. But I didn’t have any freezing, actual slowness, or any crashes. I found my browser. 😀

All this hullabaloo got me thinking. Maybe you need to pick your browser by the operating system in your computer. What should a person using Linux have for a browser? Should Mac users be using Chrome for best performance? What operating system should use Firefox?

For years, IE had a bad reputation. Those were the days when you just had to have an antivirus program that you paid for if you wanted to stick with this browser. Chrome wasn’t developed yet, so many people were using Mozilla’s Firefox or Opera. Firefox was popular back then because hackers either couldn’t figure out how to put in a virus through it or, at least, it was difficult. Most of us got along find with a free antivirus program if we used Firefox. Now, antivirus programs are free for casual/home use no matter what the company is. Paid security is still recommended for commercial use though.

IE has changed, of course, so I’m learning what is new with it. Still, I’m glad I’ve gone back to something made for my operating system. 😛


Weekly Recap 5/16

Weekly Recap 5/16
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The daylight hours are beginning to multiply along with warm temperatures. I don’t know how it is where you live, but since the invention of the personal computer, there are few kids seen enjoying the great outdoors here where I live. But something bizarre is happening this year. I’m seeing kids riding bikes, and I can hear them yelling into the wind and laughing. Has the pizzazz of the computer diminished?

This Last Week

  • Hubby was in training for his job all week. The six hours of peace and quiet each day were wonderful. The minute I would see him back out of the driveway, I’d be in the kitchen cleaning up the mess he left in his wake. Shower came after and I’d make the bed. Then it was off to the “computer room”.
  • My self-improvement routine was minimal. I wrote in my personal journal twice all week. My physical exercise consisted of cleaning up multiple hairball the three cats decided to contribute to the inside environment and riding the bike twice.
  • WIP: I didn’t get as far as I wanted to get or should have. I’m sorely disappointed in myself. I had the time to do more, and yet I squandered the time. And I can’t remember how that time was spent. Word count:17,309, Hour: 10
  • We have cable with Charter. The service with them has been decent. That is until this last Wednesday. I woke up, got my first mug of coffee, and proceeded to go online — no Internet. I picked up the phone to call them to get it straightened out. The phone was dead (our phone is also through Charter). I got out the cell phone, got a hold of Charter, and set up a field appointment for the next day. When the man arrived and evaluated our situation, he was fit to be tied. Whoever was the serviceman who rewired after the ice storm we had in February put the cable in upside down, which, in turn, caused the cable to develop a slice in it that filled with water. This last representative had to redo the entire thing all over again. Surprisingly, once he got started on the work, he did it all with a smile. Nice man. — And the lack of Internet shouldn’t have hindered my work on the WIP. On the contrary, it should have helped me get more done. You know, no distractions.

Next Week’s Plans

  • I’m acutely aware of the fact that a little more physical exercise will improve my work on the WIP. This next week is it. It is going to happen because Hubby starts his regular shift from 3pm to 12am on Monday. Yay! A routine for the entire household — finally. On Fridays, he’ll be working a four-hour shift in the morning so that he has his 40 hours in for the week. It’s slightly different from what it was before, but I think both of us are going to like it.
  • I’ll be pushing myself to do the personal journal. I want to get completely past the reminisces and get on with the here and now.
  • WIP: I’m planning to complete two more character sheets and get the word count up. Intended word count: at least 19,500.

I hope your next week is filled with accomplishments and happiness. 😀


Of Arrogant Behavior

Of Arrogant Behavior
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The one behavior that will set me off is arrogance. I hope and pray that I never come off looking as if I have this flaw. If I am this way at any time, I hope someone pulls me aside and tactfully tells me about it. I understand that there isn’t any positive way to discuss something like this, but a word of warning before laying the cards on the table would prepare me for the words that must be said.

I thought I had gotten away from curt pretensions when I graduated from high school. Yes, the young are foolish. Still, I didn’t notice any bad cases of it until I was twenty-four. Maybe is was just that college students are more aware of social masks and wear them more often. Even the one person I came across that twenty-fourth year didn’t seem to need a lot of pomp and circumstance. She just had a narcistic personality, not understanding why the people around her didn’t magically know what she want.

About four years into my marriage with Hubby, I came across a woman who was pure arrogance. She flaunted herself around as if she was better that the Queen of England. I was unfortunate enough to be working for her at the time. She assumed that she needed to constantly ‘teach’ her subordinates. She completely disregarded to possibly that the fault may have laid with her instead. Her behavior was patronizing and snooty.

After we rolled over into the twenty-first century, I met a relative who has proved to be arrogant. Maybe I shouldn’t use the word met because I did know her before but it had been over ten years prior and either one of us had changed drastically or both of us had. All of a sudden I was in front of a woman who could not let anyone be better that her. Any proof of her being wrong was, in her eyes, either miscalculated or she had what she thought was a perfect excuse for her error. She believes that she knew better than anyone else on almost any subject. What is so aggravating is that I can’t just walk away. She’s a relative. I try to stay as far away from her as humanly possible when at family functions. I do not call her unless I’m asked to for an important reason. This is all I can do to cope with her arrogance.

What I find miraculous is that since I’ve been online (1999), it wasn’t until two years ago (2013) that I found someone on the internet that definitely is in the category of being arrogant. I’ve tried to ‘move’ away from this person. I unsubscribed from the blog. I don’t have the email address for the person. This is one of the several reasons no one finds me at Facebook despite the fact that I’ve kept my account there. The person keeps on popping up. No, this person isn’t one of you who have subscribed to my blog. I wouldn’t write this type of post if the person had a subscription with me. I guess I could try sending a tactful email, but even that seems rude to me. Even after writing about how I would want to be told about this awful human trait, I know that not everyone wants the truth. Some people like living in la-la land. I should be able to rise above this somehow.

Did I hear someone whisper that I should show pity or sadness for people who have this behavior? How about I pity their strong reluctance to see how they’re ruining their own lives. After all, can’t all of us change our behaviors if we just try?

What appalling behavior sends you to outer space?


LinkedIn Account Closed

LinkedIn Account Closed
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In the early fall of 2009, I became a student in a free email course about the business of blogging in hopes of having a career as a blogger. I learned a lot about the ins and outs of it both as a writer and a business person. I had high hopes for a self-made career. (I must have been loony at the time.) About this time in 2010, I signed up for an account at LinkedIn along with several other social media sites. My intention was to get a network of other professionals, whether they be newbies like me or old experts.

This was a small part of my ‘master plan’ to create a job for myself seeing that no one in this small town was going to hire a middle-aged woman who’s disabled. It may not be fair. I’m quite aware of this, but if you’re a realist, you’ll realize that life is tough and usually not fair. You have to push and shove to get anywhere in this world. This is what life is whether anyone likes it or not. Still, a career as a blogger? My mind was in never ever land.

I visited LinkedIn several times a week at first, trying to gather contacts. I will admit, I was picky about who I asked to link to because I felt there wasn’t any point in hooking up with a car mechanic or a dentist to get readers at my blog. My blog topic was Blogging. Yes, I know, worst decision I could have made. My idea was to kind of be an Angie like in Angie’s List, telling my readers where to go for good help and give them insight from a layman’s point of view. I really didn’t think people who otherwise wasn’t connected to this topic would be interested in my blog. Where was my head? Everyone wants a blog these days. It’s a soft-sale way to get customers, no matter what the product or service is.

Albeit, the more time I spent at LinkedIn, the more I saw of people who were not really on the up and up. They were embellishing facts about themselves. Furthermore, LinkedIn was and is encouraging all of it with what they are calling ‘endorsements’. Anyone can endorse anyone for any skill. I was endorsed for knowing Microsoft Excel. Who decided I knew that? I know that I can learn it; in fact I used to know it — for two computer class hours. Then I promptly forgot. I got endorsed for being skilled in social media. Whoever that was must have been kidding. I still haven’t mastered the use of the number key (#).

I stopped visiting the LinkedIn site quite so often three years ago. To tell the truth, they were lucky to see anything from me for two or three months at a time. Still, I didn’t feel that I should give up my account there. The times I did visit, I would look in on the groups I belonged to as well as peek at the timeline and see if I had any messages that somehow didn’t make it to my email inbox.

Last fall I got interested in the concept of Feng Shui. Unfortunately, I didn’t give any thought to my life on the web. I was only thinking of my home. What is Feng Shui? It’s a Chinese philosophy based on a system of harmony that can be adapted to any part of life and should probably be applied to all parts. In the philosophy, the idea is to keep life simple — get rid of all junk and balance more with nature. For instance, how many pieces of furniture do you absolutely need in your living room? In actuality, you need a sofa for more one person to sit, a chair, and two in tables — and a TV if that is where you do that sort of thing. Every other piece of furniture is extra — not needed.

LinkedIn Account Closed
The Social Media Treadmill
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Finally, right after Christmas but before this new year started, I realized that I needed to do the same to my spaces online. Presto, bye-bye LinkedIn.

I’m pretty certain that I should also get rid of Facebook but the hesitation is stronger for that one because so many family members and friends are using it, so therefore, I use it when I get sick of looking for an email address. I know that there must be other ways of finding people but so far I haven’t found it. I’d like to give it up though because there’s so much gossip and back-stabbing that goes on in the timeline there.

Have you done any of the Feng Shui thing?

Personal Journaling

Personal Journaling
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Suzanne at It Goes On, started a project the last part of November called Life Makeover. I decided to join her in this project, but I did wonder how it would go during the weeks of the coming holidays of December and January. As suspected, the project had to be put on hold.

Suzanne came back to this project this last Thursday with a post about keeping a personal journal. Like her, I used to keep a journal/diary when I was a kid. Back then it was one of the popular things to do. Albeit, I wasn’t persistent about writing in it. It became my complaining book when I was angry at one of my parents, was upset about how I was treated by a boyfriend, or wanted to speak out about the injustice in the country at the time.

Life gets real busy as an adult. I found that I didn’t even think about writing down personal feeling, concerns, or triumphs. However, since I’ve had a blog/journal on the Internet, I’ve wondered if I should start this habit of personal journaling again.

What’s strange is I started keeping a private blog online right after I started following Suzanne with the Life Makeover project. She didn’t write anything in her blog until last week about keeping a journal. In this particular case, it’s just coincident that I started my journal last month. There was some issues I needed to air before they gobbled me up whole.

Nevertheless, my time with this journal has been a weekly event. Now with this project, if I’m going to let it try to do me any good, I need to push this activity up to a daily habit. As with most things I want to do that are good for me, saying it is so much easier than doing it. I’m glad that I took heed to the third assignment for this endeavor, learning how to schedule daily life without it getting too rigid. I already have myself scheduled for writing during the workweek. I just need to add some time and extend it into the weekends.

The next step will be to figure out what to write about every day. Last Friday I read a post in the blog, Today’s Author that gave me the answer to this annoying question. Initially, what it said was there are always things to write about. You just have to know how to look for them. Of course, I always had known this but still, someone needed to point it out to me. Oblivion is bliss, right?

Are you interested in getting in on this program? You can backtrack at Suzanne’s blog in the category, Life Makeover One Week at a Time. Then just subscribe to her blog at the top of any of the pages to follow along.