Can I Write a Book? & Quantum Notes

As I told you in my last post, I made the decision to severely weed my blog subscriptions to a more managed number. I went from 51 blogs using WordPress.Com hitting my email inbox to a mere 16. And with the 16 left, I've opted for a weekly digest. I do still have a few … Continue reading Can I Write a Book? & Quantum Notes


#writingcraft: Out of the Surly Void

When I decided to do a complete rewrite of my one and only novel[unfinished of course], I had no idea of how it could mutate into such a surly void. When it happened, I thought I only had two options on how the handle it. I could just toss the entire WiP into the perpetual … Continue reading #writingcraft: Out of the Surly Void

Am I afraid?

I’m not a “fraidicat” by nature. I walk up to strangers and say hello. I’ll scream out about injustice to anyone who will listen. I’m the first one to stand before my opponent. Yet, I look at what I've written, knowing certainly that it’s not meant for anyone else’s eyes--not yet--maybe never. The irony is … Continue reading Am I afraid?