Disenchanted with My Scribble

It must have been before Christmas, maybe even before Thanksgiving that I became unbelievably cynical about my abilities as a writer. I suppose many writers go through this at least once during their serious endeavors in the craft, but it’s a poignant thing to experience nevertheless. The words had been sticking in the most unfortunate … Continue reading Disenchanted with My Scribble


Drafting, Drafting, and Redrafting!

I met Drae Box in the group, Writers’ Coffeehouse at Google+. When I decided I needed to acquire some guest bloggers, she just happened to be looking for places to guest post her articles. The article below is one answering questions I’m, just now, beginning to ponder on. This is excellent timing. § I was … Continue reading Drafting, Drafting, and Redrafting!