Inexcusable Discriminatory Rationale

Disability is a subject I’m reluctant to write about in a post here at my blog. After all, I am not my disability. I have a page on the subject, My Disability Quirks, to give my readers an explanation for some of the more erratic things that go on in my daily life that may … Continue reading Inexcusable Discriminatory Rationale


#writingcraft: Perceptive Anguish

It was about six months ago when I started having grave doubts about my abilities as a writer. Before that time, I thought I had a fleeting shot at getting a book published. Yet, in spite of the distress I felt every time I sat at my desk, I continued to write my blog posts … Continue reading #writingcraft: Perceptive Anguish

Maybe Self-Doubt isn’t Bad

As of late, I’ve been coming across hoards of articles about how we should feel about ourselves. Writers are telling me in their blog posts about how to somehow feel marvelous when I’m writing, no matter where I am in my WiP, no matter what obstacles I’m facing. Feel-good web sites are giving me advice … Continue reading Maybe Self-Doubt isn’t Bad