After Six Weeks…

I guess you could say I’m back from my furlough. It’s the first full week of autumn 2018. I love the first few weeks of this season before the chilly winds blow. Despite the warm temperatures, there’s a coolness and another difference in the air I can’t quite explain that is tantalizing at this time … Continue reading After Six Weeks…


#writingcraft: The Comparison Ruse

It was back in 2013 when I decided to try to write a novel for the first time. Even then, I knew my skills were patchy, still are for that matter. Nevertheless, I wrote just under 60,000 words for my first draft that year. What got me through it? At the time, I didn’t know … Continue reading #writingcraft: The Comparison Ruse

One Way Out of a Writing Rut | WriteByNight Writers’ Service

Some of the blog authors I follow and some of the people who follow me are writers. Often motivation becomes an enormous problem in the craft of writing. All of us blog about this obstacle at one time or another. From what I've experienced, the discouragement usually is, at least partly, do to a break or lack … Continue reading One Way Out of a Writing Rut | WriteByNight Writers’ Service